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Will Smith Costar Claims The Fresh Prince Was A Total 'Asshole' And Possibly 'On Steroids' While Filming Ali!

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Well this doesn’t sound like the Fresh Prince we know and love…

Will Smith may be making headlines currently for his upcoming Oscars boycott due to the award show’s lack of diversity, but according to one of his former costars, he isn’t the most stand-up guy in Hollywood.

Before starring in critically acclaimed films like Concussion, the 47-year-old impressed the academy most with his take on Muhammad Ali in 2001’s Ali.

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However, Will’s costar Paul Rodriguez says that not only was he an “asshole” to work with… he was probably on steroids the whole time!

During an interview with Rock 105.3 on Sunday, the comedian opened up about an alleged drunken fight that occurred between Will and Ali’s real life physician Dr. Ferdie Pacheco, saying:

“It escalated to the point where [Ferdie] started using the ‘n’ word to Will — and all this is true — and the police had to come escort him off the set. From then on, Will never looked at me the same. [He] started saying just really offensive stuff to me. There was no cause to insult me or berate me. I’m no angel, but I didn’t have it coming this time.
I’ve done a couple of films with him and this time we didn’t end up so good. I’d never work with him again, he was an asshole.”

Sounds to us like Will didn’t know how to handle his anger even though Paul had nothing to do with the fight!

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But why does Paul think he got so much backlash from Will??

“Maybe he was on steroids or something?”

We’re sure Paul was kidding. Though he was pretty huge during that movie compared to his days as the Fresh Prince

Do U think Paul’s claims are true??

[Image via Columbia Pictures and Tai Urban/WENN.]

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Feb 22, 2016 13:47pm PDT