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Logan Paul Hits Back At Dillon Danis' DISGUSTING Cyber Bullying Of Fiancée Nina Agdal Ahead Of Boxing Match!

Logan Paul Responds Dillon Danis Trolling Nina Agdal Photos

We know there’s a lot of B.S. macho posturing in the fight game, but this is just so far below the belt it’s disgusting!

For those who don’t know — like us, a couple hours ago tbh — Logan Paul is about to have a boxing match with someone named Dillon Danis. He’s apparently an MMA guy, and this is his first high profile match in the boxing world. And he’s using whatever spotlight he’s got to make a name for himself. Unfortunately that name is currently “scumbag.”

He’s been spending the past several days as their match approaches trash talking the former YouTuber, which would be all well and good except… instead of going after his opponent’s reputation or boxing ability, he’s attacking… his fiancée.

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Yes, for nearly two weeks now Danis has been posting pics of Nina Agdal. Some of them are photoshopped pics in which she’s cuddling or kissing him or other guys instead of Logan. Some are pics she’s taken with other men — exes or acquaintances or fellow models, along with captions implying she hooked up with them. We won’t post the worst of it, but stuff like this…

He even went so far as to a post an edited nude photo — that at least got fully taken down. Glad to hear X (Twitter) still has some rules.

Obviously this is just plain gross. If you feel the need to engage in name-calling for the psychological edge in a fight (which feels a little scared to us anyway), whatever. But this is some of the most misogynist crap we’ve seen in the past decade! Like, WTF even is all this? Slut-shaming and online bullying the man’s fiancée? She’s not even in this fight, you effing child!

Logan himself finally responded to all the trolling, saying in an interview after the press conference for the fight on Tuesday:

“If Dillon thinks a single photo he’s posted has rattled me at all, he’s a dumbass. I’ve been through the f**king social wringer. I’ve seen it all, I’ve heard all the insults. I know exactly who I am, I know exactly who my wonderful, beautiful fiancée is. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. Some moron troll posting some bulls**t on Twitter will never faze me, ever.”

He went on to blast Dillon’s fight record as being just as fake as the photos, hitting back:

“Dillon lies about everything. He’s fake all around: fake fighter, fake images, fake tweet, fake cease and desist, fake confirmation 8 round fights.”

We never thought we’d be rooting so hard for Logan Paul or a boxing match in general, but after this? Just on behalf of Nina and women everywhere, KO this guy already! Eesh!

[Image via Logan Paul/Dillon Danis/Nina Agdal/Instagram.]

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Aug 22, 2023 18:24pm PDT