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Avrilgate Intensifies!!!

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When Avril "Hack" Lavigne was sued by 70's band The Rubinoos for allegedly stealing the hook to one of their old tunes, she fired back by claiming that she had never even heard the song.

How is she going to explain this one????

Lavigne's songwriting "abilities" - or lack thereof - have been questioned by her former collaborators, from The Matrix to Chantal Kreviazuk.

As PerezHilton.com pointed out earlier, a good portion of Avril's song I Don't Have To Try off her new album sounds almost identical to the song I'm The Kinda by electro-pop-punk princess Peaches - off her brazilliant 2003 album Fatherfucker.

Lavigne won't be able to say she doesn't know who Peaches is!

The July issue of InStyle magazine features a section on "What Rocks Their Worlds." Seven music celebs pick their top 5 favorite, MOST INFLUENTIAL songs.

Well, guess what's number one on Avril's list on p 137 (see the scan above)? Yup, Peaches! And she name-checks I'm The Kinda!!!!

Guess Avril was really influenced by Peaches. A LOT!!!!!!

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193 comments to “Avrilgate Intensifies!!!”

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  1. brooke says – reply to this



  2. dirtfag says – reply to this


    who cares she is a loser

  3. tim says – reply to this



  4. Second says – reply to this



  5. me says – reply to this



  6. scosco says – reply to this



  7. BWS says – reply to this



  8. yo mama says – reply to this


    burn her!!!!!!

  9. tek says – reply to this



  10. snooble says – reply to this



  11. Snoobles says – reply to this



  12. Canadian Trash Queen says – reply to this


    Hope she gets sued!! No talent hack!!

  13. georgia says – reply to this


    does this have to do with the peaches song?

  14. wastedOne says – reply to this



  15. Craig Bennett says – reply to this


    All I have to say is, I respect Avril and her writing. She is such a beautiful person, inside and out. I support her and her family through these hard tymes.

  16. yo mama says – reply to this


    I really suck

  17. Kara says – reply to this


    Too bad she stole those songs… Because they were SOOO good anyway. . . .

  18. matthew says – reply to this


    It's about time people realize that she has writers making her music for her. At least Milli Vanilli had the decency to confess they were a sham.

  19. nonofurb says – reply to this


    oh come ON!!!! She didnt copy anyone, alot of songs sound ALIKE, alot more alike than any of these do!

  20. vab says – reply to this


    I feel like I'm in a game of tag or something everytime I read the comments. Everyone's shouting "first" or "second".

  21. Harry Potter Too says – reply to this



    A THIEF!!!!!!!!!

  22. dee says – reply to this


    Oh god Craig Bennett, are you serious? She doesn't have cancer, she's not dying in a war, she's not impoverished and hungry or dying of AIDS.

    I hope someone fish slaps you, douchebag.

  23. Carlos says – reply to this


    She writes her own music?

  24. graceee says – reply to this


    I'm so not kidding on this…

    The Rubinoos need to change their suit to CLASS ACTION and sue on behalf of everyone (who else knows how many more) that Avril has stolen from!!!

  25. J.Lubes says – reply to this


    shes really a man? p lz?

  26. Brooklyn says – reply to this


    tacky, just when her worth couldn't get any lower…

  27. J.Lubes says – reply to this


    way too fuck yourself, avril.maybe she'll go into hiding now…hopefully.

  28. this is getting old says – reply to this


    You weren't very popular in High School were you Perez?

  29. Jamula says – reply to this


    Okay, strange thing is.. RIHANNA never writes her music.. neither does BEYONCE (both have lied, then admitted to it).. I think there's a double standard withr&b and rock music. In the african american community we never question the song writing of the ppl cause no one writes their own damn shit.

  30. georgia says – reply to this


    girlfriend is fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked

  31. Morgan says – reply to this


    This is so freaking hilarious!!!!!!!! I hate her..shes suck an idiot!

  32. khj says – reply to this



  33. Laura says – reply to this


    I agree with #22. Are you kidding me, Craig Bennett? It's not even her writing you' respect.' She's a boring interview, a brat, can't evn write her own songs even though she claims she does..what a PHONY.

  34. Devon Watts says – reply to this


    You fucking suck perez…. Leave Avril alone. Chantal has withdrawn her comments and now says that she is upset because Avril "DID NOT" use any of her songs. You fucking DICK get with the god damn times. Your as slow as a fucking GEO. Damn. And why do you have to be picking on Avril. What has she done to you. her music is good, and shes a good actor. shes a very good person overall. I think that you and all these other dip shits are just jealous. you society reject, all that you can say you've done is go around writing bad things about people. I think that we should start writing about you. But the only thing that you relate to is a fucking stocker. do you have no life that you have to try and bring down others. I HOPE THAT YOU ROT IN HELL.
    yours truly, Devon Watts.

  35. S-tigerrrr says – reply to this


    ok, first: i hate to break this to you, but like Santa and the Easter Bunny, most musicians these days are fake. either they don't write their own songs or they don't sing their own songs; either way they're fake. second: just so you know, in order for it to be a class action suit a large number of plaintiffs would have to be involved. no, its better that each person sue her individually so she has to pay court costs over, and over, and over!! 311 said it best COME ORIGINAL!!!

  36. Berry says – reply to this


    I agree with Dee…

    What "hard Tymes," Craig Bennet? (Nice job spelling, BTW)

    She has made a TON riding on the creativity of others- and NOT giving them credit! Why am I supposed to feel sorry for her? Poor, poor, little sour, bitter, angry, no-talent Avril. You're right. We should have a moment of silence for the motherf*cking princess. I'll get to that the next time I am on the toilet.

  37. peach says – reply to this


    There's a story that says that Dr. Luke has made a cover by the Rubiinos song in his early age.. So.. he should have known better about this one..

  38. ~alaska chick~ says – reply to this


    she sooo stole the songs…thats my input! =)

  39. Shani says – reply to this


    Chantal appologized to Avril for making false claims.

  40. keet says – reply to this


    im with #22 and #33… Dear Craig Bennett the next time you try and write something profound make sure you run your spell check (tymes????). And I am so sure you know that she is a beautiful person inside and out because you all are best friends right? I am sure you are hanging out with her right now! You are a total d-bag.

  41. goregina says – reply to this


    Someone should take that guitar off her and shove it up her ass. (Perez, would you like to do the honours?) hahahahahaha

  42. JC says – reply to this


    How are you original, Perez? Did you come up with a new way to eat cake?

  43. AVRIL IS A FAT LESBIAN. says – reply to this


    Fake ass wannabe punk!

  44. perez jr says – reply to this


    rot in hell fattie, leave the girl alone…..she didnt even sample the song its two lines…..ever heard an r&b song my friend….none of it is original and they dont even give credit to the original song writer…so there f-off…u just wont let this die….ur not changing the world my friend…so get over it

  45. devon watts says – reply to this


    Just as a little fucking note. Any one who is one Avril and my side e-mail me wattsdevon@hotmail.com. And all you dickless motherfuckers that arn'tsend me an e-mail too a wanna talk.
    sincerely devon watts

  46. Dahnya says – reply to this


    Oh, crap! That Rubinoos song is pretty good though. Too bad she ruined it.

  47. hahaaa says – reply to this


    she's fucked

  48. melinda says – reply to this


    I don't think she stole it. The lyrics aren't the same, Avril's song is about something totally different, about being in control of the relationship and Peaches song just says that she's the girl you wanna get with and a lot of other crap that doesn't make sense. The beats do sound familiar but don't they use the same prerecorded beats? I could be wrong. I still think Avril writes her own songs. Especially her first album. I love her.

  49. kayla . says – reply to this


    Messing with Peaches..not such a good idea.

  50. d says – reply to this


    the avril song does not sound like the peaches song. however, a fergie song does… perhaps peaches should go after fergie?

  51. KellyO says – reply to this


    Yes, lots of 'artists' do not write their own songs, the difference is they don't steal parts of them from someone else, and if they do they give credit where credit is due. Avril doesn't and then denies, denies, denies.
    Small but big difference.

  52. dang yo says – reply to this


    looks like she just got caught red-handed!!!!

  53. goregina says – reply to this


    haha, "I've been told I sound exactly like simple plan, but my songs are more like Avril's"

    Devon watts, careful, you may be the one being sued by Avril or Pierre one day…


  54. Brooklyn says – reply to this


    right…and peaches has so much talent too. Give any hipster a synth and turntable and they can crank out the same shit…

  55. Casey says – reply to this


    Devon Watts, you must have a lot of time on your hands! Checking back to see if anyone responded to your comments about some girl you've never met is super cool…. and learning to spell is evidently up there as well…
    And seriously, why do so many people who hate Perez read his site, and then still go on to click links on the pages?

  56. Trish says – reply to this


    OH she SOooooooooooooooooooo ripped off Peaches. Ugh…that makes me wanna cry!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck Avril Lavigne and her unoriginal pastey ass!!!!!!!!!

  57. cdubya says – reply to this


    She is horrid on every level. Isn't she the one who didn't know who David Bowie was? Ten bucks says she's never even listened to the Sex Pistols record.

  58. wastedOne says – reply to this


    When musicians copy a riff or lyric, it is usually done as paying homage to your idols who you grew up listening to. And that is considered flattery, but only if the "artist" aknowledges it and gives them props. In Avrils' case, she is soo blatantly ripping off and not admitting it. If she were to say "hey, I love Peaches and just wanted to pay a little tribute" it would be fine. But she is not - she is a no-talent brat.

    BTW…..Perez does not just make this shit up…..it is actually happening! If she did do this lowclass shit everything would be ok.

    And Brooke….get a life and post something else loser…."first!" is already copywrited here and someone is gonna sue you!

  59. mishmash says – reply to this


    Devon Watt(a fucking loser)
    dont be mean to perez, he rules! Avril is annoying and he has a right to post anything he wants about her, if you dont like it, go make a blog urself and post whatever you want, dont expect too many people to read it because you suck major balls and not many people agree with you :)

  60. AR says – reply to this


    she is still a good songwritter and even if she copied it still doesnt change the way i feel about her n her music!

  61. G says – reply to this


    Avril Lavigne is a piece of shit. No. Pieces of shit have far more personality than this dog-faced (I think she most closely resembles a weimaraner) monster.

  62. damn says – reply to this


    well, how did she think she was gonna get away with that crap?

  63. robertj says – reply to this


    she did not steal anything…there are hundreds of songs that have tags that are catchy and sound close to other songs. Half of the rap world has ripped each other off..or just used other ppls songs to rap over. I dont think avril has stolen anything…and the haters should get a fucking life cuz this little canadian girl is hardly worth getting your panties in a bunch over. Perez, you need to find someone your OWN SIZE to pick on.

  64. i 8 p says – reply to this


    I justed listened to Peaches and it's really similar….I think if we really look into all songs we can find a copycat somewhere. For me the bigger issue is that she is taking claim on the songs. What she sould have done was worked with the original writters and added there names to each song and give them a bucket of maoney so everyone is happy. The worst part is that I really don't think she thought she was copying because I believe she had nothing to do with the writting in the first place. As a felow Canadian it's a bit embarassing, as a small county people wise, we don't get a lot of international celebs or success stories….well…go Kelly Clarkson I guess

  65. BITCHCANTPRONOUNCEBOWIE! says – reply to this


    Bitch couldn't pronounce Bowie a few years back and I knew she was a hack then. well wait, i always knew she was a hack. im sorry if you are gonna pretend you are all punk rock then you sure as hell would know who the fuck david bowie is and how to pronounce his name! and now add someone else to the list of top 40 shitheads who are copying peaches - fergie, gwen and now avril! with all their money you would think these people would be able to hire original songwriters!

  66. Steve Thompson says – reply to this


    Avril is no thief you stupid tards! These songs arent that much alike in the first place. I hope raped by a donkey named Rosie O'Donnell. Wow the peaches another group of spoiled fruit maybe they can screw Perez no one else will. Rubinoos who the hell are the Rubinoos? ha ha ha

  67. chantal lover says – reply to this


    every time you mention chantal kreviazuk i get a tickle in my coohie aarea

  68. Rocco Lee says – reply to this


    She is retarded! Of course she has to steal songs, she only graduated the 6th grade!
    One time I was wearing a necklace my brother bought me in South Africa and she asked where I got it from…. I said South Africa and Avril goes "Where's that?"—Idiot!

  69. natasha says – reply to this


    i dont think that guitar even has strings

  70. avrilsux says – reply to this


    this lame ass poser will pay-in court.

    how dumb- is her entire album lifted?

  71. Steve Thompson says – reply to this


    Rocco Lee Yer full of crap. She graduated High school. Natasha must be blind she has strings on her guitar. She can guitar you dumb fuck.

  72. Abbey says – reply to this


    None of these fucking pop princesses write their own music… Duhhhh

  73. suri says – reply to this


    i agree with 38 it's exactly a beatcoopy! ooooowh

  74. Audrey says – reply to this


    Devon Watts ~ First of all….if you have such a distaste for perez then why the fuck are you on his website?? Second of all…he's not "picking" on anyone. He's reporting the news and the gossip. If you would like to read news that you think is "worthy" of talking about then read the newspaper and get off the hollywood gossip pages you dumb shit.

  75. CC1985 says – reply to this


    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

  76. Alex says – reply to this


    Oh Perez…you do the same thing…you steal from others…as a matter of fact, you have no originality. Chantal is a hack…untalented…only hung out with Avril cause her career was going nowhere. And it will continue to go nowhere.

    Remember…we hate others that hold the qualities we hate about ourselves.

    But then again, Perez…with your negative Karma…you must hate alot of people…you have many bad qualities.

  77. Jess says – reply to this


    I see the similarities but that's all they are - similar. You could two songs that were similar if you looked hard enough. Such is the music industry. I don't think she did anything wrong, and I think that in the end, everyone will see that the lawsuit is baseless.

  78. Steve Thompson says – reply to this


    I am the man! I am am wasting place!!!!!

  79. mishmash says – reply to this


    Thanks Audrey!

  80. Nova says – reply to this


    Avril so stole the beginning of that peaches song and for those of you who think she hasn't you're all a bunch of dumbasses. There is not an ounce of originality in avril.

  81. robbie says – reply to this


    You're doing God's work Perez.

  82. fghj says – reply to this


    I looooove this!!!!

  83. Me says – reply to this


    Chantal is an amazing songwriter. Avril is just jealous she's not nearly as good and has to resort to stealing songs from others.

  84. cris says – reply to this


    Stupid little bitch! lol

  85. Filmmaker78 says – reply to this


    Has anyone considered that Peaches is possibly fully aware of this and was given a piece of the song's royalties? Colplay's "Talk" off of their last album was a total "rip-off" of a Kraftwerk song, but Kraftwerk was credited and I'm sure received some of the $$$ action. Without any investigation at all, Perez has once again flown completely off the handle and assumed that Avril didn't consult with Peaches, whom you just said she listed as her most influential artist, when she borrowed heavily from one of their songs. Maybe you should let the facts come out first? Naaaahh, that's not Perez's style.

  86. Steve Thompson says – reply to this


    Your right Cris. Chantal is a stupid lil' bitch so its Perez.

  87. Jannnnn says – reply to this


    It said on Muchmusic today that Chantal has apologized to Avril, saying she was wrong to accuse Avril of stealing one of her songs, or something along those lines.

  88. JP says – reply to this


    I would like to sue her for stealing from me. Stealing the 45 seconds I wasted listening to the intro to her song on the link you provided here. I can never get those 45 seconds back. Therefore, I shall sue for damages.

  89. Jane says – reply to this


    Similar, but not the same . . .
    Perez, she didn't steal anything.
    Get a fucking life fat ass.
    Quit trying to cause drama for the poor girl, she has enough on her plate.
    Also, even though you don't like her she has talent . . . maybe you should take a listen to her sophomore album "Under My Skin" . . .

  90. mishmash says – reply to this


    JP that's freakin funny!

  91. Cazza says – reply to this


    Too bad she can't steal some good songs. Another poser… grow up Avril!

  92. norton says – reply to this


    A semi-talented bubble-gum wanna-be "rocker" who takes herself waaaaay too seriously. I can say with a high level of confidence that when she co-"writes" a song it consists of "hey, let's put 'the' here and change it to a dimished A." Douchbag….

  93. anonymous bastard says – reply to this


    Avril 'stole' from others? No, she didn't. That was 'fair use'!

    The same fair use you claim when you 'steal' other people's photos for your site.

    We all know that you are a freaking, fat hypocrite, Perez. And yes, Avril sucks. But attacking her for something that you do yourself is so low, we need some new words to describe it.

    You are an arrogant asshole Armando…

  94. THINK says – reply to this


    Perez, think about what you are doing. You're showing the world how wrong she is by sampling music. You can copy music, but pictures that belong to someone else, not so much. You just threw fuel in the fire. I promise you x17online will use this in their arguments. It will be really hard to explain how your opinions of pictures and music differ. Good luck with that. Use your head.

  95. constantine says – reply to this


    Avril is so busted!!!!!! The refrain is identical! That is actually the only part of the song that is any good and it is plagiarized!! Avril is a composer? What university music school did she graduate from????

  96. Miss PMS says – reply to this


    She needs a big fat mexican cock in her ass, plain and simple.

  97. Antigone says – reply to this


    Oddly enough, you never once mentioned Paris' being sued by UB40 for ripping off Kingston town. All you did was talk about her 'fierce' talent. Loser.

  98. Cazza says – reply to this


    #95 - Sharing and speading gossip is the point of this blog and not the same as STEALING someone's creativity and claiming it as your own. YOU are the hypocrite, because here you are reading Perez's comments, yet criticizing them! Moron.

  99. maggie says – reply to this


    You are a hypocrite Perez…You're famous for stealing and you have the nerve to pick on someone who is doing exactly what you've been doing for years. Let count how many times you have been sued shall we?!!!

  100. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    I would like to launch a campaign in which Avril is systematically disowned from Canada… besides being a total self-absorbed, immature, snotty bitch… she also steals from other's work and I believe I heard her say on the Much Music Video Awards a few weeks back that she hadn't been in Canada or played in Canada in the past 6 years… You know what Avril… go fuck yourself… Canada is hanging you out to dry 'girlfriend'!

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