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Miley Almost Naked!

| Filed under: Oops!DisneyMiley Cyrus

amiley.jpg amiley2.jpg

When will she ever learn????

Wow. Wow. Wow.

These photos look very very real. But, we're working under the assumption that they're fake.

If Miley's lawyers or representatives contact us and confirm that these pictures are indeed authentic, then we will instantly take them down.

Do U think they're real????

This dude claims to have hacked into Miley Cyrus's phone and uncovered some VERY inappropriate photos.

She looks more like one of the sluts on a Girls Gone Wild video than a Disney star.

And Miley's only 15!

Isn't it too young to be posing for photos like that????

Apparently, the hacker found even MORE SCANDALOUS photos, which he's trying to sell.

Yeah, good luck with that!

How quickly until Miley apologizes again or issues a denial claiming the photos are fake???

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2312 comments to “Miley Almost Naked!”

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  1. Jayly says – reply to this



  2. erika says – reply to this


    ohh i love this issues it gives me more reasons to fucking hate her.

  3. Coop says – reply to this


    I hate you bitch

  4. becky says – reply to this


    she's the worst thing to happen to humanity,
    everyone's like "oh everyone takes pictures like that"
    UHM NO, we're not all sluts who think they're hot but aren't.
    honestly, she needs to gooo awwayyyy…
    its amazing these pictures seem to "suddenly appear by accident" when miley isn't in the news,
    its like as soon as you dont hear about her for awhile, one of these pictures are released.
    she's such a homo who needs a life.
    she's a fucking disney channel "actor" even though she sucks at acting, and shouldnt even be famous.
    i haaaaaaaaate her

  5. Miley says – reply to this


    Okay people
    Miley is a normal teenager trying to live her life
    the shower one is obviously fake.
    and I stand up for her.
    no matter what
    Miley is a good person
    you cant judge her by what she wears or what pictures she takes..
    shes a nice , funny easygoing type o' gal
    and just admit it..YOURE ALL JUST JEALOUS
    && thank you miley fans everwhere . WE can see past this shit ,

  6. coop* says – reply to this

  7. What says – reply to this


    She obviously loves pedos looking her up.

    maybe she thought posing naked slutty and whorish would inspire her 8 year old fans to do the same. GOOD JOB MILEY! WHAT A GOOD ROLE MODEL! daddys proud of you im sure.

    im so dissapointed that shes a role model. my sisters 23 and she has never taken naked pictures in the shower… sick

  8. MuseF says – reply to this


    Look too real to be fake…
    shes 15 im 13 shes suppose to be a role model to people like me…i suppose she could be a role model…to a slut in training!

  9. 2209

    Lmao them which is vs. Miley
    What's your problem, many of my Girlfriends (friend mode) have pictures of them "half-naked" it's just a teenage"tradition". Why can't she live like a teenager?? Because she's a film- moviestar..?
    She's a human, like you!! (with more talents)

  10. julia says – reply to this


    dude!!haha.are you serious you can so tell that the shower one is fake..look at her ears and neck..duhh.you guys are fuckin stupid!and for the other one its not that bad..i havnt seen her vagina or her boobs or anything else its like shes in a bathing suit so calm down…for the vanity fair photoes..like she said she was just trying to go along with it..but she has learned to stay true to herself..gaahhhhh..you seriously need to get a life..and as for her being a romodel for younger girls…i think shes a good one..but your all saying that these pics are slutty and shes a whoree..well she took these pics for her self..or for what ever and these pics were not meant to get out..do you think she wants younger viewers to see her personal pictures..NOO..these pics wouldnt have gottten out if it wasnt for you guys not having a life and trying to screw with others and hacking or whatever you do…like i said before..GET A LIFE..AND STOP BEING JEALOUS BECAUSE SHE HAS ONE!!!!

  11. Lili says – reply to this


    Its not like what she is doing is unusual??
    Every god damn teenager all over europe take those kind of pic's gdammit!
    I think she's cool anyway :)

  12. chels says – reply to this


    ok these are SO real.
    but come on miles, really?
    if she doesnt want anyone to see these photos she shouldnt take them AT ALL. but, remember shes only 15 and trying to find her sexuality and be cool. but still, its no excuse

  13. worri says – reply to this


    miley i hope your reading this.were all human and yes we all make mistakes
    please be careful, .You mean so much to the younger fans please just take a deep breath and think just how good you got it. your fans love you! please dont become a flash in the pan take this thing to another level. you got the talent and the look. i wish you the best of luck, and good luck with your new album. love ya and best of luck to you . ill keep you in my prayers.good night and good luck and keep up the good work miley.

  14. Natal says – reply to this


    Omg, First of all, I dont like Miley Cyrus , everything about her screams all i want is attention, but the pick that was apparently her naked… just had her back showing.. like wtf..? and these pictures are gay, how would someone even be turned on by them..?? but iunno , i dont like miley, and im not defending her im just saying these photos arent even bad, nor are the ones from her previous so called "mistakes"….

  15. Zane7 says – reply to this


    i think shes pretty and all but cmon i think she needs to be a little bit more careful with her pics i mean y would you want those pics on the internet unless she has like a myspace or somethin but at the same time she cant help gettin hacked by some geek somewhere

  16. Ashle says – reply to this


    Geez… She may look like a whore… but you know haven't you ever thought about she is trying to please nick or sumen??!!!!
    I mean yeah she is a teen star with millions of girls looking up to her.. she cant help that some asshole hacked her phone… she a teenager let her be.

  17. jAFET says – reply to this









  18. Sara says – reply to this


    okay, I'm sixteen and I don't take slutty pictures of myself! Not all teens do this, only the trashy ones.

  19. Apers says – reply to this


    Hey Hey she's a teenager, let her live. i bet there are like a million girls that so that (the second pic). Get over it. Its been like how months! . It's Really not a big deal :rolleyes:

  20. marse says – reply to this


    omg leave her alone shes just bein a teen.all of us take pics like that=]
    my myspace:marsella fuentes. add me=]

  21. Z Ant says – reply to this


    I can't believe what the fuss is all about. These are innocent pics of an innocent girl. Slut and whore are very inappropriate remarks. Whore is a description of someone selling sex. Definitely doesn't apply here!

  22. sarah says – reply to this


    give the girl a break..i know plenty of 15 yr olds that do that. Just because she takes bad pictures doesnt mean shes a bad person

  23. Amy says – reply to this


    So many people take pictures like these, even at 15. Theyre not even bad, if she was in the white tshirt facing the camera straight on not covering then itd be bad..but who cares. You only care because you get money out of this perez, youre fat and gross and ugly..She's beautiful and very talented I dont think someone as talentless and hideious as you should have this web page. You need to be able to back up all the shit you talk, and you cant. Just because she's miley cyrus doesn't mean she's not allowed to make mistakes, whoever hacked into her phone took total advantage of her, and that's not her fault. She is not a slut, and how can a grown ass man call a 15 year old girl a slut, you disgust me.

  24. Marie says – reply to this


    Re: Missy
    Exactly. O= She's fifteen, that's why everyones coming down on her like they are. She should be a positive role model to the kids looking up to her, not a slut. 'Cause what she does, they'll do, too.

  25. Laure says – reply to this


    Okay, so I love her! And I don't really care if you don't. But if the reason you don't like her is that you think she's a slut. Let me tell you something, she's not. She dresses like half the girls in my school does, and yes that may be a little slutty but she's a freakin teenager for god sakes! Tell me, (if your a girl, lol) that you haven't ever once worn a low cut shirt, or a shortskirt, wtf?

  26. Laure says – reply to this


    give her some credit, she's only 15, shes known all over the world, she has a television show, she has concerts, dvd signings, she probably has a private tutor for an EDUCATION, and she still just happens to make time for her family. What do you think? Could you handle all of that at once? Let's see you try, Come on, can you handle all of that while keeping sane enough to have friends, go to premieres, etc.???? Yeah, I didn't think so, Instead of critisizing her for what she wears because of her publicists you should admire her. If you have her for any other reason than that, tell me here! I know this girl gianna parisi, she's had nude photos go around the school that she was proud of, wtf?! no publicity for her? oh yeah, sorry, shes not a celebrity but compared to miley, miley is a saint! okay?

  27. Laure says – reply to this


    so what if you, mr.-im-so-perfect-perez-fucking-hilton only see's the horrible mistakes, well lets put the microscope on perez hilton and see what we can find, but we wont will we?! oh no, because mr. hilton is feeding us gossip and nasty rumors about people we dont even know, we get a joy, maybe if your in this so deep you feel a rush of excitement in saying "OhMyFuckingJeezus this person did that and this….." that you dont care about the person that bullies the mistakes outta these people just the rumors. we all talk about peace and not fighting with other countries, but (this is going to sound corny) we have to do it with the people around us first, Oh wait, sorry again, you people cant do that because you live for what miley is going to do next, your so fucking oblivious to the world around us that you have to focus on 1 person. SO FUCK OFF AND HAVE A NICE UN-PEACEFUL FUCKING LIFE, buh-bye.

  28. 2228

    Wow- VERY real.

  29. roxy says – reply to this


    if you don't like it dont look at it and if you dont like her dont pay attention to her stop complaining

  30. linds says – reply to this


    First of all, ALL teenagers makes misatkes, and I know for a fact that she's not the only girl who has taken photos like that. leave her the FUCK alone.

  31. bre says – reply to this


    I'm 16 and have to say
    that all freaking girls around our age do this stuff
    it's not being "sexy" but being funny or cute!
    plus she prolly didn't mean for these to be leaked.
    give her some slack if someone always put your life on the internet or tv I bet so wouldn't look like a freaking saint
    no one does.
    get over it she's 15 pretty and living a normal life. so stop taking stabbs at her being a so called "slut" she is spreding her legs and giving it to any guy every night
    she's being a kid

  32. renee says – reply to this


    omg! she is a freaking slut!!!!!! im 15 and i wont take pics of myself in the shower!! idc who they are for!!!! she say she loves her fans!!! yea right ma lil sis looks up to her!!!!

  33. x3ang says – reply to this


    i love miley cyrus
    leave her alone shes only 15
    your daughters are probably doing
    the same thing except u havent caught them yet. all girls this age do stuff like this w. facebook and myspace get over it!

  34. goose says – reply to this


    the fall is coming!!

  35. yogir says – reply to this


    leave miley alone..you all just jelous because she is pretty and has all the fame now! any teenager is going to take pictures like this!

  36. bomch says – reply to this


    If these pictures are indeed real, then why does it really matter? Alot of girls these days are taking pictures like that. I don't see anyone giving them crap.. The only reason why she's getting nasty comments is because she's famous. Yes, she should be a role model, but like "her" song…Everybody makes mistakes. Get over it and stop dragging it on and on. Find someone else to pick on.

  37. Sha says – reply to this


    Ok, Most girls in high school take pictures like these. Have you seen myspace photos of young girls? It's just something girls do these days. Everyone does it whether they admit it or not. It doesn't mean she's having sex or is a whore. The only reason this is a big deal is because she is famous. You don't see the media throwing a fit over other girls' pictures who aren't famous. So just leave the girl alone and let her be a teenager.

  38. Jasmi says – reply to this


    Oh please, you guys. Stop saying "Give her break. She's just a teenager."

    (1) She's 15! Barely a teenager. Just about to what? Get into high school.
    (2) She's famous, and a Disney star. She put herself in that situation therefore she should learn to be a role model and watch what she's doing.
    (3) If she's going to be doing those things then she should stop being such a FAKE and denying the things she does. A real role model will admit her mistakes. Take Vanessa Hudgens for example who did not deny her photo scandal. And at least she's 18/19. Not a kid.

    Never have liked Miley Cyrus. She's annoying, not funny, a slut and a fake. Her career needs to end soon.

    Perez Hilton, I love your blogs about her. You read my mind, ha.

  39. admir says – reply to this


    ojala y aga la pelicula se be muy bonita

    cuando ase la pelicla

    ya la kisiera ver

  40. asraa says – reply to this


    HAHAHAHA well if it helps i luvvv the video u did:Phahaha making fun of selena and her friend hahahahahahhaha it just cracked me up:P

  41. Holly says – reply to this


    ummm.. i thought she had a sidekick? wasn't that one of her "7 things" or whatever. and the picture has an iphone in her hand… these pictures are def fake…

  42. kayla says – reply to this


    Re: meg


  43. Bryan says – reply to this


    dude if these are really shes 15 thats all….. for yall people to be callin her a whore yall grown ass people yall all have problems and yall need help shes 15 come on be sensible

  44. Jen says – reply to this


    I'm not saying what she did is right or anything, but look at where she is and the environment she's in. And plus, if you look on some normal fifteen year old girl's Myspace or Facebook, at least where I live, that's MUTED when it comes to bad pictures. Then again, maybe she's the next Vanessa Hudgens.

  45. maria says – reply to this


    en verdad por q no dejan vivir ala gente, una adolescente lo haria no importa y si ella es feliz asips dejenla

  46. prezh says – reply to this


    jayly i agree to your comment # 2201


  47. steph says – reply to this


    omg!. i cant belive she did it again. like is she kidding?
    i still dont HATE her but im just not a big fan anymore.
    selena gomez is sooo muchhh better and is so much more mature
    then miley. miley i hope u read this cause u just lost all of your fans
    get off disney i cant take you. one i saw the shower one u went to far
    who cares u pulled up ur shirt not a big deal but u in the shower.. wowowowow
    i hope these are fake. I LOVE SELENA AND DEMI

  48. ginaa says – reply to this


    the second one has to be real
    shes wearing that exact t shirt on one of
    her youtube episodes with her friend mandy.
    they even talk about the shirts.
    first is probably real too, shes a talentless whore.

  49. jesus says – reply to this



  50. Britt says – reply to this


    LEAVE HER ALONE! ya'll r just jealous! cant a girl have a little fun in her life? and how much time do u have hackin into poeples phones and stuff, dont u have a life? POOF ya gone

  51. Amy says – reply to this


    The pictures can't be real.
    I mean I'm not exactly her biggest fan but she did say that one of her "7 favorite things" was her sidekick & in the picture she's using an iPhone.

  52. Taylo says – reply to this


    -covers eyes-
    Well, they don't look too photoshopped or fake.
    But I guess in a way they do.
    -shakes head-
    It's just another teenage photo scandal.
    Most teens take pictures like this and send them to pervs.
    Which worries me.
    What could she be doing with those pictures? O__o
    Ew, you sick minded people! Dx

    But, she's just an "average teenager" doing teen-like things, I suppose.
    So, it's not as bad as Vannessa Hudgens, right?
    Er, whatever.
    But Jesus loves her, right?
    I suppose other than her family, he's the only one that loves her.
    Ha, way to go Miley!
    We're all so proud of you!
    -claps- :D

  53. omg!! says – reply to this


    i dont like miley but i dont see anything rong with these pics. i mean the shower pic. get reall thats fake and at least she has on cloths and absolutly nothing is rong with the other one!!!!NOTHING….so u people need to get over your selves!!

  54. jimmy says – reply to this


    thats really bad i mean she might as well work @ a disney strip bar with her little high school musical bffs

  55. erin. says – reply to this


    ew, i hate her.
    they look very real to me. -_-

  56. sammy says – reply to this


    even if they are real, go on myspace look at every other girl her age they all have pictures like that, it doesnt mean they are all sluts.

  57. Genes says – reply to this


    Ok the shower picture is slutty. But what's wrong with the 2nd picture & the first pictures revealed. Come on she's a teenager. I am a teenager too & im sure there's a lot of girls out there who have taken worser pictures than she has & are like 13. Atleast she's 15. The only reason everyone is acting like it's something serious it's because she's a celeberty & they are trying to bring her career down. Yes it's inappropriate because she's a role model for many little girls, but she can live her life seperate from the cameras. She just has to be more careful.

  58. alex says – reply to this


    i dont see anything naked there i dont see anything just a kid taking a shower pls..

  59. rbiz says – reply to this


    wow if those were sent to nick what pictures do you think he sent back…

  60. Simss says – reply to this


    I hate Miley.
    Die Die Miley!!

    Haha, you seriously own!!


  61. .. says – reply to this


    so which one is it…. an email hacker or a cell phone hacker??

  62. Ben says – reply to this


    can u please get some where u can see her tits?

  63. 2263

    Everyone's like "Leave Miley Alone" and it's like, maybe no one would give two fucks if she was a whore if she wasn't like on fucking Disney channel and saying she's gonna be a virgin and shit.
    And plus she has no fucking talent, all your fucking fourth graders are like "she has more talent that you" and it's like really, since when?? She can't sing or act for shit, dumb skanky little whore.

  64. lizk says – reply to this


    every girl in high school around the country is doin dis just let her b. she looks good n every1 hates on her 4 it. whatever let her be!!!

  65. Lizza says – reply to this


    1st ones obviously photoshopped.

  66. Holly says – reply to this


    #1 her head is too big for the body..in both pics.. hopefully meaning they are fake.. if not.. she is needs help for anorexia.. she needs some weight on those bones to match the bod..
    #2 Why is she in the shower taking photos of herself fully clothed??? umm.. sounds totally fake.. or a publicity stunt.. which I think she would avoid like the plague at the latest fiascos….
    #3 who cares if they are real.. these aren't all THAT inappropriate… just girls being girls… give me photos of her humping billy ray.. then it might be worth $$$ and then I think it would be fake..

    I hope the authors of this blog didn't pay shite for those photos..

  67. Holly says – reply to this


    Also.. who cares.. she is obviously a sensation.. and if you were a sensation at that age.. you woundn't give a shite.. either.. she has the ego.. due to her fans… she is feeling she can do no wrong.. but.. she will learn… unfortunately.. only the purely innocent last…. but I hope. she chills a bit.. to gain even more fans…. because.. she is a good role model so far.. but it can go fast.. and those that love her love her.. her parents love her… but fame.. money.. can ruin all that… don't let it go to your head… think pure.. and you will go further than brittney.. or kate & ashley.. you got what it takes…. go pure… miley.. that is my advice.. don't look at what they say.. just be YOU..

  68. Amy says – reply to this


    Tbh These Pics Ent Reli Even That Slutty!
    Most Young Teenagers Take Pics Lyk These For Fun.
    And Its Not Lyk She Exactly Wanted Them All Ova The Internet!
    I Bet If You Hacked Into Someone Elses Fone You Would Find So Much
    More Than Dis. Just Let Her Be A Normal Teenager Lyk Everyone Else Nd Leave Her Alone . . . .

  69. ME says – reply to this



  70. haley says – reply to this


    [Re: Maddi – whats wrong r we threated by someone who is better looking than us oh lets have a pitty party 1..2..3.. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  71. jose says – reply to this


    Cual es el problema con esta muchacha, esa es su sexualidad ya dejen de pervertirse, mas de uno de todos ustedes han hecho cosas peores, en realidad no leveo nada, dejen a que crezca y tenga algo que verle, PERVERTIDOS

  72. emma says – reply to this


    Ohmy, ok im not a miley fan at all, but hacking into her phone was wrong, but still i mean, im 18 and when i was 15 i never took any photos like that, i just dont understand why she cant learn from her slutty mistakes

  73. Nicol says – reply to this


    Re: Jacqu – actually No. Im 14 years old and i've NEVER EVER EVER taken pictures of me in the shower with a wet t-shirt or take picctures with my top showing my stomach. Yes i took pictures in my bathing suite when im AT A POOL. not because i feel like taking a cute mirror picture of my body. thats just stupid.
    mily is supposed to be a role model wheather she knows it or not but she is.
    My friends sister who is 8 years old stopped liking her because she kept saying "mommy why is miley always naked on the news?"
    yeah thats bad
    and todays news is ALLLLLL about the littlest things these stupid celebritys do.
    it seems all they want to do is get famous and get free drinks.
    just wow…

  74. Clayn says – reply to this


    Your are stupid people
    I see this like normal thing in girls with her age
    I see photos of my friends (girls) doing stupid and i see this normal

    World Of Shadows

  75. Steph says – reply to this


    Haha what a fucking skank.
    she needs to have her camera taken away.
    I bet jesus loves her now! =)

  76. Isa says – reply to this


    oh yeah miley cyrus is the best

  77. badde says – reply to this


    I fuckin hate this bitch! She thinks she so fine and shes not

  78. Manny says – reply to this


    i cant believe this. doesnt she get enough attention already? i mean its bad enough that britney and lindsay were pulling stuff like this when they were eighteen, nineteen, or twenty… but miley is only fifteen. this is just pathetic

  79. Kt says – reply to this


    Okay first off why do you people care so fucking much what this girl does with her life?
    If you are sick of her then don't pay attention to what she does.
    Second, I'm sure she is not the only one who has taken pictures like this. Go check your children's myspaces I am sure they have a "slutty" picture.
    Third, this picture isn't even that slutty. You see more skin in a bikini. But yet when someone wears a bikini they are not labeled slutty.
    You people make me sick.

  80. laugh says – reply to this


    I dont think that these pictures are really that bad. She could be taking alot worse even if these are real.

  81. 2281

    miley never learn she always do stupid things .. she is like a PLAYMATE! ohh wait i think even Kendra of GOTPM do this things… and she is 23 years old.. Miley only have 15 years old! ans she is a disney star! she was my idol.. his new CD is a shit! I MEAN SHE HAVE EVERYTHING DID SHE NOT LEARN FORM SHES MISTAKES? well i think she just love DRAMA!

  82. Khadi says – reply to this


    Damn get off her jock u guys just want anther succesful disney channel kid to fall on he butt she is a great person and all of u who say she a slut u just mad because u can't get no were and she is is getting big so just SHUT UP!!!!!

  83. shady says – reply to this


    leave her along, she's a teenager, she can do whatever she wanna do, only that she is a famous person she wouldn't stop doing that

  84. Eliii says – reply to this


    I´m sorry but you´re all so idiotic.I mean, don´t you know than EVERY teenager do stuffs like this!? everyone takes slutty pictures! U should not judg her, ´cause if it´s like U are saying, tan somebody toke it out of her phone.. than, she is at her rights to do it, ´cuse it should being private.. I really don´t see what´s all you´re drama about! Even though I am not her biggest fan she is a teenager. Leave her alone! -From Vnzla

  85. riley says – reply to this


    shady you're right and the cellphone pic……..omg!!!!!is just a person lifting the shirt with a cellphone and sending a kiss

  86. Aly says – reply to this


    Ok, these are SOOOO fake. especaially the shower one. there is another picture of her with the EXACT same face and her hands like that. Excpet she is in CLOTHES!!! Just let her live her life like normal people!

  87. elisa says – reply to this


    that it's not too bad comparated with the vanessa hudgens naked photos,………omG!!!!!!!!!!

  88. elisa says – reply to this


    that's not too much comparated with the naked vanessa hudgens photos

  89. leah says – reply to this


    you guys are dumb !
    shes being a teen !
    like cmon .. go on facebook and myspace go find and the people who do even worse like cmon grow up
    leave miley alone !!!!!!!!!
    andd yeahh stop being all dumb you dont even know her leave the GIRL ALONE HONESTLY !! let he be a teen !! - leah

  90. Natal says – reply to this


    Some of you guys are saying that "this is ok","she's just normal teenager and takes photos like any other teenager is", I have one question. Is it ok for a 15-years-old teenager to pose in the shower,soaking wet, without panties ??? I think it close to pornography.

  91. basta says – reply to this


    miley estas bn de la cabeza!!
    asi lo unico q bas a consegir va a ser perder a tus fans…
    en fin tu veras…
    si yo tubiera t fama me dejaria de tonterias asi…

  92. 2292

    she will never learn i guess

  93. brean says – reply to this


    God! everyone thinks because she is hannah montanna she can't have a life too . just let her do her own thing and quite judging her ! you don't know her ! and this dude who "hacked" into her phone could have easlily made those photos ! have you ever heard of a thing call PHOTOSHOP !!!

  94. angel says – reply to this


    hey miley i really big star of yours bont i dont like you doing this pic you dont look good bye i hope you dont do it on more are you will not by a star

  95. yoyo says – reply to this


    the top is obviously fake and the bottom one isnt even that bad. seriously. 11 year olds do it. everyone calm down. shes my age. i love her. she's having a rough time. this is why other countries hate us is cause we focus on this instead of our country.

  96. sarah says – reply to this


    seriously, why hasn't disney fired her yet ?
    i mean, i used to like her before she came out with them slutty pictures, then i started hating. & she's doing it some more ?
    fxck that whore.

  97. Truth says – reply to this


    Re: Kels – That is NOT fake. I have worked with a lot of photo editing programs and have gained a range of experience. I can tell and altered photo from a real one. And this picture is the REAL thing. Stop tring to defend this lowlife.

  98. stay says – reply to this


    you cant see anything..? and its fake, the second ones HER STOMACH, it would be just the same as seeing someone in a swimming suit

    MY GOD, stop overreacting

  99. meeee says – reply to this


    why do people make fun og this girl?! i like her….unlike some people! maybe this is just a phase!teenagers can be pretty stupid sometimes you know!

  100. shawn says – reply to this


    all who wrote bad shit about miley are stupid asshole that what drive all people like miley crazy are all of the asshole who do and say shit you need to worry about yourself and not other people so get the fuck over yourself

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