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Raven-Symoné Says Wife Is Getting ‘Death Threats’ After Saying She... Didn't Watch That's So Raven

Raven-Symoné Says Wife Is Getting ‘Death Threats’ After Saying She... Didn't Watch That's So Raven!

Jeez. That’s So Raven fans sent Raven-Symoné‘s wife Miranda Maday DEATH THREATS because she hasn’t watched the show?? WTF!

The Disney Channel actress and her partner took to TikTok in a very heated video message to followers on Thursday, in which they blasted trolls for being so mean over a complete miscommunication! The Cheetah Girls star kicked off the conversation looking as mad as we’ve ever seen her, saying sternly:

“I’m here with Miranda, my wife, to tell you to stop it in the comments and stop with the death threats in her DMs. It is disrespectful to her and in turn disrespectful to me. Stop it.”

Apparently this wild backlash started after Miranda made a comment about not having watched That’s So Raven as a kid! Who sends death threats over someone not watching a TV show?!

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Miranda added that the backlash has “really become wild” — especially since fans were mad about something that wasn’t even completely true. She explained:

“I never have once said that I did not know who Raven was. I only have ever said that I did not grow up watching That’s So Raven. I did not watch her as a child. But since getting married and meeting her in 2015, I have seen the majority of her work.”

She went on to praise her wife, calling her “endlessly talented” and insisting she should’ve won an Emmy for her work on the children’s network. But still, she was rightly upset that she had to be on the receiving end of “so much hate for something that is really just a spiral of misinformation.” Not that it would have warranted threats even if she had said she wasn’t a fan of the show. After all, this is her wife she’s talking about, someone she knows personally, not a TV star she’s meeting at a convention! She noted:

“She also just isn’t Raven-Symoné to me. You guys must try and open your minds a little bit and understand there is more behind people that are celebrity. There is real life here. And that’s why we’re feeling inclined to address this.”

It’s a good point! Their relationship is and should be separate from Raven’s career! Ending the video, the Raven’s Home lead added:

“For all the blue checks out there acting like trolls, sit down. Thank you, no need.”

All this drama seemingly sparked after the couple made an appearance on the Bottoms Up With Fannita podcast last much, during which Miranda said:

“I’m married to her and the fact that I didn’t watch the show was something that Raven appreciated.”

She claimed she hadn’t seen the show because she was “too old” for it when it first aired in 2003, recalling:

“I think I was a little too old. My sister who is five years younger than me watched That’s So Raven, loved That’s So Raven, and now that I’ve seen all of it, I love That’s So Raven.”

Even if she’d never seen the show, who cares? That’s for the couple to deal with however they please! It’s certainly not a reason to send death threats — there’s NEVER a good reason for that! So, SO uncalled for! We’re glad Raven and Miranda are calling out this bullying! Hear it all (below):


Please stop with the death threats and miss information about @miranda v. pm. Its grown to a place that is completely disrespectful and out of control. Haters will hate and by all means do you boo boo HOWEVER do not spread lies and threaten my wife, marriage, or her character. I chose her and all of her…. Stop.

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Reactions? Can U believe fans got so mad over this? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Disney Channel/YouTube & Raven-Symoné/TikTok]

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