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Suri Cruise Is Not Messing Around.

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Katie Holmes took her little changeling Suri Cruise out and about for the 17,000th in New York City, but it appears girlfriend was OVER it.

Suri, who once again wanted the world to see that her glamorous lip gloss was poppin, pulled a bitch fit of Mariah Carey proportions when she let her diva flag fly and wouldn't cooperate for Mom!

Katie ended up having to carry her ass out of there while Suri cursed the day her mother chose Tom Cruise over Pacey and Dawson!!!

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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Why So Shy, Suri???

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Yeterday we posted pics of Suri Cruise out and about on the town with mom Katie Holmes.

Suri has her face covered in most, but US Weekly managed to grab a shot of the little changeling wearing LIPSTICK.

First heels, and now this?!?!

WTF? Is Tom Cruise trying to live vicariously through his child by dressing her up like a pretty pretty princess?

Maybe she can get involved with Noah Cyrus's latest endeavor into fashion, too!!

[Image via WENN.]

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Katie Comes Out To Support Hermes

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wenn5427579_e.jpg wenn5427301_e.jpg

What a pleasant surprise.

On Tuesday night, Tom Cruise let his slave wife Katie Holmes leave his sight for an hour or so to attend the grand opening of the Hermes Men's Store in New York City.

She actually looks really good.

Tom needs to let her out of her cage more often.

[Image via L.Gallo/Andres Otero/WENN.]

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Suri's In A Coat?!

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Holy shiz! Do our eyes deceive us?

Is little Suri Cruise bundled up and dressed appropriately for cold weather?

Katie Holmes was snapped picking up daughter Suri in NYC looking a little worse for wear as they head to lunch at the Bowery Hotel.

Oh, to have the charmed life of little Suri! Cute mittens, 'bb!

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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Katie's Line Is Still Around?

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As we mentioned last year, Katie Holmes teamed up with her stylist Jeanne Yang to create her own fashion line, Holmes & Yang.

The line features women and childrens wear. Though we haven't heard much of it since.

But just earlier today, Katie was spotted leaving an office building in Manhattan to go buy some fabric for her Holmes & Yang fashion label.

Could she be designing some new outfits? Who's even purchased any of her designs?

Have U?

[Image via WENN.]

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Botox In A Bottle?

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It feels like every week there's a new product that claims it can help turn back time or freeze it!

Now the secret to stop aging in its tracks is Rodial's Glamoxy Snake Serum. The active ingredient is Syn-Ake, which claims to freeze your muscles just like the venom of a South-East Asian Temple Viper.


President of Rodial, Maria Hatzistefanis explains the products effects saying: "One to two pumps a day will last on the skin for eight hours if applied twice a day, morning and evening under your moisturizer."

Trials have also shown that after 2 pumps a day for 28 days, your wrinkles will be 52% less noticeable.

But the snake serum doesn't come cheap. One 25ml bottle will set you back $200. But for high maintenance celebs like Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell & Cheryl Cole, who are fans of the product, must think its worth the steep price.

Wonder how long it'll be before someone tries to find the snake, just to make it bite them in the face?

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Katie Holmes Wants To Sing On The Silver Screen

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No, Katie. Just NO!

Katie Holmes has delusions aspirations of singing in a film role in the future. Her co-star in The Romantics Elijah Wood is even encouraging it!

"That would be incredible," says Katie. "It would be fun."

Incredible is not the word we'd use to describe your completely average singing voice.

Elijah chimed in that he would be up for it too and Katie replied, "Let's do it. Elijah and I would like to make a musical."

Katie has a comedy with Kevin Kline and Paul Dano coming up called The Extra Man and a horror film Don't Be Afraid of the Dark alongside Guy Pearce.

Stick to the non-singing roles, Katie. Remember the disaster that was your So You Think You Can Dance performance?

[Image via WENN.]

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