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Former Real Housewife Danielle Staub's House Gets A Real Break-In

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danielle staubs house gets a break in

Life is tough when you're a former Real Housewife of New Jersey!

First, Danielle Staub was served legal papers from her ex-boyfriend while walking down the red carpet at a Halloween event last month, and now someone has broken into her home!

Here's what Captain Clark of the Wayne, NJ police department had to say about the break-in:

"There were break-ins at Danielle's house and two other neighbors. We do not have any evidence that the tour had anything to do with the break-in. This appears to be a random break-in and has nothing to do with the show. We do not have a suspect at this time. Another house had their security system camera ripped off but they did not do that at Danielle's house."

To make things even worse, it's not even her home anymore…or it won't be soon. Staub has been ordered to sell her house, which is worth over $1 million, but she has yet to hand over the keys to her court-appointed real estate agent.

It really is a hard knock life for former Real Housewives of New Jersey!

Do U feel bad for Danielle Staub? Or not so much?

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Danielle Staub Gets Served While Walking The Red Carpet!

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A trick for her, a treat for the rest of us!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey's Danielle Staub was reportedly attending a Halloween event near her local New Jersey swamp, when she was served with legal papers - just as she began walking the red carpet!

Holy shiz! Awkward! LOLz!

Sources claim that it was for a defamation lawsuit filed by ex-boyfriend Steve Zalewski, who is livid over her claims that he made their sex tape without her consent!

Uh-oh! It's going to tough for her to back up her previous allegations against him when half of the tape is of her filming HERSELF!

We can't imagine she must have had too much fun at her Halloween party after that little episode!


Happy Halloween, bb!

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Fired Housewife Danielle Staub Opens Up On Bullying

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danielle staub talks bullying on bravo show real housewives of New Jersey

Some of you know Danielle Staub best as "prostituion whore" or "coke whore." These were just some of the clever nicknames bestowed upon the reality star during her time on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Now, Danielle has come forward to discuss how her former Jersey co-stars made her feel and how she dealt with their own brand of bullying.

But she doesn't attach all the blame to her castmates. When asked about the bullying she endured on the show, she was more apt to point the finger at the network, Bravo. She explains:

“The way they treated me was bullying and it was hate. I have to say shame on you. Shame on you for not dropping the cameras when I was being bullied. I was hiding from [my castmates], and then I’m physically attacked. Being attacked and having hate done unto you is a crime, and those who do that should be prosecuted. So I feel for each person being bullied. Someone could have helped me. It was horrifying. There wasn’t a camera guy, or a producer or someone to say, ‘I can’t watch what they’re doing to her.’…It was one thing if it was Season One, but to glorify these people chasing me and meaning me nothing more than harm, well, it doesn’t speak highly of the show. I’m saying everyone collectively could have done something. I’m still a mother, a person, a human being.”

Eh, we have to take this with a grain of salt. If you've watched the show, you know she's exaggerating, but not by much. However, she also was one to call names or allow members of her posse to use demeaning language. She isn't completely a victim here.

Nasty begets nasty.

What say you, Andy Cohen?

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Danielle Staub Will Make Your Ears Cry!

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Check out the latest song, Cry, from the fires Real Housewives Of New Jersey star (above)!

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