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Courteney Cox Looks Great On The Set Of Cougar Town

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Courteney Cox kIssing
Courteney Cox in pool

No wonder David Arquette wants her back! Courteney Cox looks great!

The seksi cougar was photographed filming some steamy make-out scenes with her Cougar Town co-star Josh Hopkins in a bossom boosting bikini.

The cast then hopped in the water for some pool scenes.

It looks like Courteney is in the best shape of her life and maybe gained some weight in the right places!

Unfortunately for her recently rehabed estranged husband David, it is rumored that Courteney is dating her co-star Brian Van Holt. Lucky guy!

Looking good, girl! Keep up the good work!

[Image via National Photo Group.]

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David Arquette Opens Up About Addiction With Oprah

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David Arquette Opens Up About Addiction With Oprah

Leave it to Oprah to tease out buried secrets…

David Arquette talked to Oprah about his struggles with addiction over the years, and how he started drinking and doing drugs at a very young age.

Said Arquette:

“When I had my first drink of beer, I must have been 4-years-old. I was down in the basement with my dad and beer was there and I just grabbed it and drank it. And I remember that. It's one of my earliest memories. I seriously started drinking probably when I was about 12. I stole pot from my father when I was eight years old.”

David also shared the story of his estranged wife Courtney Cox organizing an intervention for him. He woke up from a nap after drinking too much to find Courtney and his sister sitting next to him.

“What are you two doing here together? Courteney's like, ‘Do you mind coming out to the living room for a minute?’ I said, ‘Sure, let me get dressed.’ I put on this white outfit and came out. My best friend was there, my business partner and some guy I don't know, and I go, ‘What up, turkeys? I guess this is my intervention.’”

Being open about your problems is an important part of the life-long journey towards recovery. We’re glad he’s sharing!

[Image via WENN.]

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David Arquette Says He’s Having A Nervous Breakdown

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David Arquette Says He’s Having A Nervous Breakdown

David Arquette just hasn’t been the same since breaking up with Courteney Cox.

While talking on Howard Stern’s radio show, David divulged that he’s not well. When Howard Stern asked, “Are you having a nervous breakdown?” Arquette replied weakly, “I believe so.”

Arquette has been seeing his therapist weekly, but has continued to party hard.

"I've been drinking a lot because I'm heartbroken," he said. "It's really a personal, traumatic thing."

Arquette said that he finds it difficult to take care of himself and needs support that Courtney Cox wasn’t willing to provide.

“[Courteney Cox] didn't want to be my mother,” said Arquette. “But I kind of need a mother. I want love in my life. I need love in my life."

Aww, poor David! He needs to stop partying and get his life back together! Ruminating on past loves while drunk won’t help anything!

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza / WENN.com.]

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David Arquette At WWE!!

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OMG this is HIGHlarious!!

David Arquette made an appearance at last night's WWE and even got in the ring to fight!! We can't believe he actually got thrown into a table!


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Jennifer Aniston Shares “Heartbreak Diet” With Courteney Cox

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Jennifer Aniston Shares “Heartbreak Diet” With Courteney Cox

For most people, a “heartbreak diet” consists of pints of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream late at night…and maybe occasionally for lunch (breaking up is no fun!).

But Jennifer Aniston has found a healthier way to go about mending a broken heart, and she’s shared the details with Courteney Cox, who recently split with David Arquette.

Said a source:

“Jen goes on it every time she breaks up with someone and needs a boost. It’s like a detox that helps you lose weight and cleanse your body, in particular your heart and cardiovascular system. The food’s all sugar-free, carb-free and high in garlic and chili with no oil or butter.“

We have no idea what this diet is, but Jenn has been through some rough breakups, so she probably knows what she’s talking about!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.com.]

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