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Drew Barrymore Reunites With Her Scream Co-Stars -- And A Surprise Guest

Drew Barrymore Show Scream Reunion Episode Neve Campbell Courteney Cox David Arquette Surprise

Scream 5, aka just Scream for some reason, hits theaters on Friday, and to promote it the OG stars have been doing the rounds.

Of course, only Neve CampbellCourteney Cox, and David Arquette‘s characters survived all the way to the upcoming film. But for one interview in particular, it was even more of a reunion. Why? Oh, because Drew Barrymore has her own morning show!

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The franchise’s very first victim welcomed her one-time co-stars on for a very special Scream-centric episode that was apparently even narrated by the scary voice guy!

See some amazing moments of reminiscing — explaining the bad hair, talking the origins of Ghostface, and telling more stories no one has heard (below):

Then Drew let fans in Ghostface masks ask questions — leading to a very special surprise guest!


One fan asked:

“Do you think the character of Randy died too soon?”

The cast agreed they did, with Courteney and David nodding as Neve replied:

“For sure, of course! We’d love to have Randy back.”

Then the man unmasked himself… and it was Jamie Kennedy!

Jamie was asked about his own memory from the set, and it was kiiind of a juicy one — just not for him. He remembered being a constant “third wheel” on set as Courteney and David famously sparked and ended up getting married. But Neve and co-star Matthew Lillard ALSO dated for about eight months in 1997! Man, we forgot all about that!

Good thing he won’t be back for the next one, right? No awkwardness! Oh, except for David and Courteney we guess…

[Image via The Drew Barrymore Show/Paramount/YouTube.]

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