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David Arquette Finally Responds To Drew Barrymore Denying They Ever Dated

Drew Barrymore David Arquette Dated 90s Denial

This isn’t exactly a Scream… but it sure as hell is a squirm!

David Arquette had an awkward moment on Watch What Happens Live on Thursday when a fan asked wtf was up with him and Drew Barrymore.

See, back in 2014 he revealed during a WWHL appearance that he and his Never Been Kissed co-star dated back in the ’90s! He told Andy Cohen at the time they “used to date when we were very young kids,” saying that they “used to run around and just be silly.”

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Of course, that would have been the early ’90s, well before they were both in Scream — because on that set he met the woman who would be his wife, Courteney Cox. He was actually probably talking about 1991 — some paparazzi pics are out there of the actors holding hands at a premiere.

However, shortly after his reveal, Howard Stern asked Drew about the relationship — and she said NO, they never dated at all! Um, ouch!

So how does David explain the discrepancy now? He was actually pretty good-humored about the situation, blaming himself for misunderstanding their relationship back in the day:

“I guess we weren’t really dating. I thought we were!”

He laughed off his mistake, musing:

“We were really young. Maybe I didn’t ask her to go with me or something.”

Andy, smelling some gossip, asked if they were just “friends with benefits” then. David clearly wasn’t comfortable airing that personal business. He said, laughing the whole time:

“I don’t know. I’ll just respect her way of describing the relationship. We were just friends, I guess!”

What a mature and classy way to approach an incredibly awkward moment! See for yourself (below)!

[Image via The Drew Barrymore Show/Miramax/Watch What Happens Live/YouTube.]

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