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Oprah Reminisces During Upcoming Issue Of O Magazine

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oprah reminisces in new june issue of o magazine

So bittersweet!

During the upcoming June issue of O Magazine (above), Oprah speaks on a bunch of emotional subjects, and reminisces about the early years of her show.

Oprah on her show's first years:

"The first few years when the staff was still less than 12 people, I used to hang out with them because we were doing live shows, and we’d be done by 10 a.m. We had four people in four chairs, and that was it. Those were the days where I’d be the one taking the lunch order. I would walk around asking, ‘Okay, is it gonna be Taco Bell today, or are we doing Wendy’s?’ And then we’d go out and party at night."

On nostalgic keepsakes from the show:

"The one thing I’ll take is the statue of Sojourner Truth that Jamie Foxx gave me for my birthday last year…Even in my youth, she was the historical figure I most identified with. Because even though she was born a slave, she was able to speak. She could communicate with people from all different backgrounds. She could speak to the most disenfranchised groups, and she could also speak to Congress. She was invited to the White House by Lincoln. Jamie didn’t know that I’d been reciting her “Ain’t I a Woman?” speech my whole life, or that when I die, I want to go out like a comet in the sky, which is something she said about her own life. But he gave me that statue, and it will come with me when I go."

Oprah on NOT having regrets:

"I don’t regret having talked about my life. The show has been my therapy…I’ve never had a day’s therapy, but I’ve had many days of listening to really excellent therapists, starting with Dr. Phil, who is beyond excellent at what he does."

And Oprah on her final farewell:

"I genuinely feel appreciated and loved by this audience that has grown up with me. Which, for me, is a huge, huge, huge accomplishment. Because I grew up feeling the opposite of that. Feeling a void, as a little girl, feeling that really nobody loved me. So to be surrounded by this, that is what I’m going to feel. And when you see the tears on the last show, that’s what those tears will be about. Those tears will not be about sadness."

So nice of Oprah to share! We're liking what she has to say, and as much as we'll miss her show, we support her and we know she's making the right move for herself.

What do U think about Oprah's comments from her magazine?

[Image via Rob Howard.]

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David Letterman Slams The Donald!

| Filed under: Icky Icky PooCelebrity FeudsPolitikBarack ObamaDavid LettermanDr. Phil

We're so thrilled that so many are speaking out against him, just as it SHOULD BE!

This kind of thought-process needs to be CONDEMNED - there is no place for it in this country, and frankly, there are a lot of people who should not only be embarrassed, but ASHAMED of themselves, for supporting it!

On last night's episode of The Late Show with David Letterman, the talk show host and guest Dr. Phil got into a discussion over whether or not Donald Trump and his DEPLORABLE behavior regarding Barack Obama's birth certificate and education at Harvard was, in fact, racist.

Check out Letterman's opinion on the issue (above)!


Justify it however you want, but we think that the minute the focus shifted from the birth certificate to his academic records proves EXACTLY what many people have been saying since day one - this is about people clinging to ignorant, disgusting belief that African Americans are somehow lesser than white people, and not about his eligibility as this country's leader.

And yes, we think Trump owes his PRESIDENT an apology for such reprehensible disrespect - big time!

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Dr. Phil To Be A Granddad Again!

| Filed under: Baby BlabberDr. Phil


Dr. Phil and his wife Robin must be so happy!

They're about to become grandparents again!

Dr. Phil's son Jay McGraw and his wife Erica Dahm are expecting their second child later this year.

Jay says:

"Erica and I are having a boy and couldn't be more excited. Avery will make an amazing big sister."

Aw, we bet!

How exciting for the whole family! Congratulations to the McGraws!

[Image via WENN.]

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Dr. Phil Loses Ground In Holloway Case

| Filed under: Legal MattersSad SadDr. Phil

Dr. Phil Has Some Legal Troubles Because Of Missing Girl Show

Natalee Holloway's disappearance was tragic, there is no arguing that.

Two men implicated in the Holloway case on Dr. Phil's show are now locked in a legal battle with CBS and Dr. Phil for defamation.

Dr. Phil's team has tried to block the two men, brothers Deepak and Satish Kalpoe, from getting Natalee Holloway's mom to testify about what she knows about the motives and the goings on behind the scenes of that particular show's production.

The brothers claim:

[…] the show "was deceptively clothed as an investigative piece looking into the disappearance of [Natalee]" but was "in reality an abhorrent example of manufactured media sensationalism at its worst."

Well, it seems to have worked out in the favor for the brothers so far, as a judge has just allowed the deposition of Natalee's mom.

We're torn on this, because if Dr. Phil's show did in fact have implicative motives towards innocent men, then that's just not awesome at all and their lives really could have suffered because of it.

But if these men are truly guilty even though there isn't enough evidence to charge them (they were two of three people last seen with Natalee), then they're using an innocent girl's life that they took as a way to make money, right in front of everyone, and that is truly despicable in so many ways.

Our thoughts still go out to Natalee's family for their loss.

Do U think Dr. Phil's show was in the wrong, or are these brothers just trying to make some money??

[Image via WENN.]

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Ladies Win Appeal To Sue Dr. Phil Over Pervy Stunt

| Filed under: Icky Icky PooLegal MattersDr. Phil


Last year, several women came forward filing a lawsuit against TV doctor personality, Dr. Phil, claiming he traumatized them by trapping them in a house and forcing them to look at a naked man. Now, these women are finally seeing justice as they've been granted permission to proceed with their lawsuits.

To give you some backstory, four years ago, six individuals, including plaintiffs Shirley Dieu and Crystal Matchett, were invited to a house as Dr. Phil's "dinner guests." The invitation was part of a Big Brother-esque type episode where these individuals were secured in a "mock house" without any contact from the outside world. On the third night of their stay, the women opened the door to their "house" to find a naked man. After running away and locking themselves in a room, the women allegedly asked to leave, but the TV crew laughed at them and then refused.

We don't know what part of this these people found funny, but we know we're sure not laughing.

When the two ladies originally filed their lawsuits last year, CBS filed an anti-SLAPP motion, arguing that its conduct was protected free speech. However, a circuit court denied the motion, asserting that what was shown on Dr. Phil's show is considered "entertainment," not of "public interest." Therefore, it doesn't qualify for protection under the First Amendment.

But because the women both signed contracts with the show, the bizarre lawsuit gets a little bit messier and thus, they were told by the appeals court this morning that they could not sue for negligence. However, they were given permission to sue for their other claims in a lower court, which include fraud, misrepresentation, breach of fiduciary duty, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. According to a source, this rule demonstrates "a likelihood" that the women will win their case.

What do you have to say about that, Phil?!

[Image via WENN.]

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Kelly Cutrone Joins Dr. Phil

| Filed under: TV NewsDr. PhilKelly Cutrone

When Kelly Cutrone said she was getting a syndicated daytime gig, never in a million years would we have guessed it's with Dr. Phil!

The fashion PR guru announced the big news on Twitter Thursday:

News Flash! I have been signed to @drphil as a Correspondent!! CBS daytime is loving the black - shout out to @drphil MORE 2 COME

Kelly was actually on the show the same day she made the announcement and she was pretty brillz!

See Dr. Phil's new correspondent in action in the clip, above!

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Hear A Candid Discussion With LGBT Teens

| Filed under: Dr. Phil

Your Reaction?

Kudos To Dr. Phil to having such an important discussion on his show.

This afternoon, a group of out and proud teens came forward on Dr. Phil's show to discuss their experiences with bullying and being a gay teen today.

Their answers are real, their experiences are real and think its important for people to watch and really hear what these kids have to say about being who they truly are.

Watch the clip above to hear from an extraordinary group of brave and special kids talk about the hardships they've faced.

We're truly moved!

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