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Suri: The Family Stylist

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We already knew she dressed Katie, but this is just takes it to a whole other level!

Tom Cruise has dished to Oprah that Suri even dresses him!

The Scientologist says of his little Xenu daughter:

"She likes to dress herself. If she wants to wear it, she wears it. I'm not going to tell her different. She's got great taste. She tells me what to wear!"

We have a feeling they'll be regretting this whole "whatever she wants" thing when she's a teenager. It's like a Dr. Phil episode in the making!

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Attention Ladies: How To Spot A Cheater! Really???

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Dr. Phil has the answer and its just the kind of answer you would expect from him.

He says you can spot a cheating man simply by looking at his ring finger. (No, really. That's not an inuendo.)

On The Early Show this morning, Dr. Phil explained that men who have a ring finger longer than their index finger is one of the traits that indicate a cheating man. According to the good doctor, a longer ring finger is a sign of exposure to higher levels of testosterone while in utero. This leads to the presence of what some crackpots scientists call the "infidelity gene."


Dr. Phil also says cheaters can be detected by using brain scans. He explained that cheating and non-cheating brains have "distinct activity patterns." He claims that a cheater's noggin shows a lot of activity is every part of the brain, while a monogamous man's brain activity is concentrated in the back where the cerebellum is.

See, Sandra Bullock! If you have just examined Jesse James' fingers and made him get a catscan before you got married, you could have saved yourself all that heartache.

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Kelly Osbourne To Contribute To Dr. Phil!

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We think she is going to be a WONDERFUL addition!

Kelly Osbourne has landed a job on Dr. Phil's talk show as a contributor!

Says the reality star:

"It offers a great opportunity for me to bring a youthful perspective and opinion on the issues that affect our selves, our families and society as a whole, and I'm very honored to be a part of it. I really hope I can use my life experiences to do some good."

Dr. Phil agrees:

"She has dealt with drug addiction as well as addictions within her family. She's also fought the battle with obesity, and the public scrutiny that often accompanies it."

We're thrilled for her! She's definitely going to be a great help to a lot of people who need guidance!

Congratulations, bb!

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Evander Holyfield Snubs Dr. Phil!

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Well what did he think Dr. Phil was going to do?

Evander Holyfield is pulling out from appearing on Dr. Phil's show to discuss his troubled marriage to wife Candi after a private meeting in Phil's Beverly Hills home went awry.

"The truth is Evander did not like Dr. Phil and what he was proposing," says a source. "He felt he was totally man-bashing him. Despite all of Dr. Phil's assurances there was a big clash of personalities and Evander simply didn't want to do it.

After the disastrous meeting, Dr. Phil's people were making desperate phone calls to Evander to try and get him to reconsider, but the former boxer isn't interested. The source continues:

“The truth is there was no big money deal on the table. Evander and his camp were simply trying to rebuild his image after the media fallout from his fight with Candi.

"He’s not the type of guy who likes to feel bullied or intimidated and he felt that was what Dr. Phil was trying to do and that it wouldn’t help his marriage one iota."

We think he probably made the right choice. He and his wife should go to REAL therapy if they want to sort out their marriage!

[Image via WENN.]

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Evander Holyfield Going To Haiti?!

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And how's that gonna save his marriage?!

We previously reported that Evander Holyfield and his wife Candi may appear on Dr. Phil in in order to salvage their marraige, but those two are attempting to go above and beyond.

The boxer's spokesman, Dwayne Corbitt, revealed:

“It’s true Evander is in talks with Dr. Phil to appear with his wife on the show next week. We are also discussing for both Dr. Phil and Evander to go and visit Haiti also in a bid to help the people out there. Evander wants to donate around $40,000 worth of his nutritional products and some bottled water to the people out there and hopefully we will be able to release more details soon.”


We're glad you wanna help, but maybe ya'll should stop beating on each other and focus on the issue at hand!

They don't need anymore problems in Haiti!

[Image via WENN.]

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Evander Holyfield Needs Dr. Phil!

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Oh really?!

After continued domestic abuse allegations and a retracted protective order, wife beater Evander Holyfield and his significant other Candi have a solution to their broken home - Dr. Phil!

The couple issued a joint statement.

It read:

"We are in agreement that we both are moving forward to reach out to meet with Dr. Phil one-on-one as we believe he is the one who can help us at this time. We each admire and respect Dr. Phil for his down to earth and heartfelt approach in working with couples and relationships in a positive and uplifting way."

Those famewhores just wanna be on TV!

We hope Phil beats the shiz outta both of them with his hick-tastic analogies!

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Brittany Murphy's Husband Pisses Off Dr. Phil!

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You think Simon Monjack would have known better than to fuck with Dr. Phil!

Apparently Monjack had promised the TV doctor an exclusive interview discussing Brittany Murphy's death, but flipped out big time when a Dr. Phil staffer informed him he was not the first interview by a long shot!

"He screamed at Simon, 'What the hell is going on here? This was supposed to be exclusive and now I find out you've been shooting your mouth off all over town. I'm pulling the plug on this one. We're done!'" one witness recounted.

Dr. Phil reportedly ripped off his mic and stormed off the set, according to the insider, who says they've never seen the doc that angry ever!

"He didn't want to have anything to do with Simon after discovering he wasn't the first person to interview him… Simon looked stunned. He'd been sitting there doing this sympathetic interview, and then suddenly he was being shuffled out," said the source.


Too bad!

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