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Dr. Phil Does NOT Want To Interview Casey Anthony!

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dr phil does not want to interview casey anthony

We're glad to hear you're on board, Dr. Phil!

While he MAY have decided to bring in Casey Anthony's parents for an interview, Dr. Phil has made it clear that he does NOT want to interview Casey herself!

Here's what he had to say about it during a recent interview:

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Watch Casey Anthony's Parents Explain Her Seizures To Dr. Phil

| Filed under: Legal MattersDr. Phil

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As we previously reported, George and Cindy Anthony have come up with a new theory to explain their granddaughter's death — Casey Anthony suffered seizures.

In this clip from the interview, Dr. Phil interrogates them on this new information that "America has never heard before."

He really doesn't let them through any cracks! He knows what he's talking about!

We can't really believe they didn't bring this up before, either. More lies???

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Wendy Williams Scores Charlie Sheen Interview

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Wendy Williams Charlie Sheen Interview

The woman Joel McHale loves to poke fun and we love to watch eat beef jerky has come out on top!

Wendy Williams has booked an exclusive interview with Charlie Sheen that will air September 19, the same day of his Comedy Central roast as well as the Two and a Half Men season premiere.

Yeah girl! That's quite a steal from Barbara Walters! Whoop!

Actually, if we're being fair, Hollywood politics were in her favor. Her show is produced and distributed by a Lionsgate subsidiary, Debmar-Mercury, the same company set to distribute Charlie's new sitcom Anger Management.

But who cares! This is going to be the loudest, craziest, most electric interview of all time! Ask him to bring some Tiger Blood! Ask him to bring back Charlie's Kitchen!!!

Fingers crossed that they spend the whooooole hour together! HA!

[Image via WENN.]

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Dr. Phil Opens Up About His Exclusive Interview With Casey Anthony's Parents!

| Filed under: TV NewsMedia MinuteDr. PhilPerezTV

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The show is less than a week away, and Dr. Phil has got A LOT to say about it!

During a recent interview, Dr. Phil opened up about the season premiere of his show, in which he interviews Casey Anthony's parents George and Cindy (above).

Here's Dr. Phil on his interest in the Casey Anthony trial:

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Dr. Phil Son's Jay McGraw Welcomes A Son

| Filed under: Dr. PhilShe Popped!

Dr. Phil Son's Jay McGraw Welcomes A Son

Just what the world needs!

Jay McGraw's wife Erica Dahm gave birth to a baby boy Sunday! Dr. Phil's lineage is spreading fast.

The newborn's famous Doctor (kinda) Grandfather tweeted:

"Mother and baby are doing fine,

'They BARELY made it to the hospital in time. Barely! We are so blessed."

Aw. The baby, London Phillip (cute right?), seems to be surrounded by lots of love.

Even Erica and her mother-in-law to get along! Robin McGraw praised the new mom saying: "Erica McGraw is my hero! [She] had London Phillip without an epidural. Wow! She is fierce."

The couple also have a 17-month-old daughter together, Avery.

[Image via WENN.]

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Watch This Promo For Dr. Phil's Exclusive Interview With Casey Anthony's Parents Here!

| Filed under: TV NewsDr. Phil

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We can't figure these two out yet, but maybe after we've seen the special, we'll have them pegged.

The season premiere of the Dr. Phil Show will find Phil sitting across from a pair of the most misunderstood people in America - George and Cindy Anthony, parents of most hated woman in America, Casey Anthony.

For the first time ever, Cindy and George will sit down and talk about what went on in their daughter's murder trial, their feelings over her acquittal and the million dollar question - do they really think their daughter Casey killed their grandchild, Caylee.

Check out the promo (above) to see what we're all in for.

We just can't figure out their angle. Are the grieving … or are the gold-digging?

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Mother Who Punished Her Son With Hot Sauce Convicted Of Child Abuse!

| Filed under: Icky Icky PooTacky & TrueLegal MattersSad SadDr. Phil


Justice. Thankfully, that poor little boy will never be hurt by this woman's hand again. Hopefully, she's learned something from all this.

You all remember the woman who abused her adopted son by pouring hot sauce in his mouth, don't you? She sent the video in to Dr. Phil and she called it proper punishment for her son getting in trouble in school. Now, she's facing some REAL punishment as a jury has convicted her of misdemeanor child abuse. The woman now faces

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