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Bhad Bhabie Calls Out Dr. Phil Over Alleged Utah Rehab Ranch Abuse, Gives Him Two Weeks To Issue Apology, Or Else...

Bhad Bhabie demands a public apology from Dr. Phil regarding alleged abuse at Utah's Turn About Ranch.

Bhad Bhabie is coming strong this weekend with some very, very serious allegations.

Remember how a few weeks back, we reported on the rapper (real name Danielle Bregoli) and her reporting on a murder that took place on a dude ranch she’d been at in Utah as part of a reform attempt after her first infamous appearances on Dr. Phil‘s daytime TV show?

Well, she’s got more to say about that rehab and recovery site — called Turn About Ranch, and based in the small town of Escalante, Utah — and she’s calling out Dr. Phil for even being associated with it!

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In a new eight-minute video posted to her YouTube account on Friday afternoon, Bregoli rails against the ranch, delivering accusations and allegations of mistreatment. She also identifies a girl named Hannah who went there and was allegedly sexually assaulted during what was supposed to be a stay of rehab and recovery.

At one point, she even gives the daytime TV psychologist an ultimatum — and it sounds pretty damn serious!

Early in the video, Bhad Bhabie says directly to the camera (below):

“So, Dr. Phil. I am going to give you from now until April 5th to issue an apology. Not only to me, but to Hannah and to any other child that you sent to Turn About or any other program like this. And if you don’t, I’m going to handle things my way.”


Bhad Bhabie is not playing. Nor should she, apparently.

And like we said, she goes on from there to describe the workings of the ranch, making allegations that the staff could be particularly difficult with punishment. She also notes how since the ranch doesn’t allow cell phones or video cameras, it conveniently leaves her with no physical evidence to accuse them of anything. That makes things understandably difficult, of course.

She said exactly that later in the video, pointing out that it’s her word against, well, everyone else (below):

“It’s just our word against the staff’s word when you’re there. There are no witnesses, there are no cameras, you don’t have a phone, there’s none of that. That’s why I was always so scared to speak out, because I was like, ‘nobody is going to believe me.'”


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Here’s the full eight-minute video (below), in which the young rapper and social media influencer explains more about her experience at the ranch and what other kids have allegedly gone through in similar situations:


Reactions, Perezcious readers? These are obviously some very serious allegations — and that ultimatum, to apologize publicly by April 5th, is something else, entirely.

What do U think of Bhad Bhabie’s full video here, and the potential fallout that’ll come from it? Will Dr. Phil back down and apologize? What will come from all this??

Share your opinions on everything regarding this controversial situation down in the comments (below)…

[Image via Bhad Bhabie/YouTube/Dr. Phil/YouTube]

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