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Gabby Petito's Family Reveal How Brian Laundrie's Parents Shocked Them With Suspicious Behavior From Day One!

gabby petito, brian laundrie : parents slam brian's family in scathing dr. phil interview

Gabby Petito’s family have not given up on getting justice for their daughter. And they have an idea where they’d look first.

We don’t yet know exactly what caused Gabby’s death, but her family have made no secret of blaming her boyfriend Brian Laundrie. From the beginning, they have taken issue with the 23-year-old keeping quiet about when he last saw Gabby after she went missing — and their criticism only grew harsher when Brian himself disappeared.

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In a new interview with Dr. Phil on Tuesday, both sets of Gabby’s parents spoke out about the case (Dad Joe Petito and stepmom Tara Petito, as well as mom Nicole Schmidt and stepdad Jim Schmidt). Joe had only scathing remarks for Brian and his whole family, saying:

“Anyone who lived in that house is a coward. … They don’t know how to stand up for their actions.”

The parents reaffirmed their belief that Brian is hiding, and Joe added that he definitely believes the young man is alive — because he’s too much of a coward to kill himself.

Going over the nightmarish events of the last few weeks, they recalled trying to contact the Laundries when they couldn’t get in touch with Gabby. Nicole shared:

“We thought they were both missing at that point in time when we were calling them. We didn’t know the van was in Florida when we contacted [them]. I was worried about both of them.”

Joe added:

“One of the texts was ‘I’m going to call the police, so let me know.’ No response. A normal parent, when you text someone that they’re going to call the cops because you can’t find your child, they would reply.”

Nicole then explained:

“The night of the 11th when I reported her missing, a detective came to my door and let me know the van was in Florida.”

As the investigation commenced, the four parents traveled to different locations in order to help law enforcement. Her stepfather Jim was the one to go to Wyoming, because, he said:

“Deep down, I knew she was there. Just going off the information that we had, we felt that someone had to be there. I said right away that I would go. We felt we needed to put our family out there.”

Before Jim had even identified the body that was eventually found, Nicole admitted:

“As a mom, I knew she was gone. … We knew it was Gabby — even though we were hoping it wasn’t. It was the hardest thing I’ve listened to.”

We can’t even imagine. How awful.

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The group agreed that the Laundries certainly know more than they have let on, and delivered a message to Brian courtesy of Jim:

“Turn yourself in. … You’re only making it worse. For us and for himself. Let us have some closure.”

We can’t imagine how devastated these parents are. They have showed a lot of strength and courage through their part of the investigation. We hope they are granted the closure they deserve soon.

Watch the full interview with Gabby’s parents (below):

[Image via Gabby Petito/Instagram & Dr. Phil/YouTube]

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