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Dahmer-Inspired Wannabe Killer Gets SERIOUS Prison Sentence After Attempting To Eat Teen Victim

Dahmer-Inspired Wannabe Killer Gets Serious Prison Sentence After Attempting To Preserve & Eat The Flesh Of 18-Year-Old

More gruesome details have emerged in the case of Chance Seneca.

If you haven’t read the shocking story, the Jeffrey Dahmer wannabe was arrested back in 2020 for what the Justice Department called a “months-long scheme to kidnap and murder gay men.” At the time, he used gay dating app Grindr as his “hunting ground,” per the DOJ. That’s where he lured in 18-year-old Holden White for a date, using the promise of sex to get him to his home. What happened instead was a truly horrific attempted murder. Now, we’re getting a bit more insight into just what happened that June night..

Apparently, the 21-year-old promised White they would play video games at his Louisiana apartment. After White agreed, Seneca proposed sex and placed him in handcuffs as a “dark joke.” But it got real immediately. He held White at gunpoint, struck him “in the back of the head with a hammer and stabbed him in the neck with an ice pick,” according to court documents. He later used a “bowie knife” to slit White’s wrists.

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As we previously reported, Seneca intended to preserve and eat the bodies of his victims — plural, as he had plans to strike again. This plan was inspired by what Dahmer had done in the past. However, the attempted murderer told authorities once he saw the exposed bones in White’s wrists, he could not complete the action. Believing White was dead, he called 911 and informed them he had killed a man. He was indicted with three charges: hate crime with an attempt to murder, kidnapping, and possession of a firearm.

Now, Seneca has been officially sentenced for his crimes — to 45 years in federal prison! It doesn’t get more real than that.

Luckily, White survived the violent attack but now suffers from physical ailments, as well as anxiety. See him discuss the harrowing experience in a Dr. Phil interview from late last year (below): 

It’s not just the physical problems. Imagine the trauma at knowing what almost happened to you! White tells Phil:

“His main goal was to keep my hands as trophies, have other parts of me as memorabilia, and [keep] other parts of me to have as food.”

Just to know that… absolutely monstrous. We’re glad Seneca will be behind bars for the next four and a half decades. What are YOUR thoughts on the sentencing? Let us know, and share your support for Holden in the comments down below.

[Images via Lafayette Sheriff’s Department, CBS/YouTube, & Netflix]

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