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Ciara Goes Back To Back In Black

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Ciara almost covered up all her Goodies this weekend at BET's Black Girls Rock event in New York City.

For Saturday night's walk down the red carpet, the 26 year old debuted a black boxy number fresh off the Givenchy runway.

It's not the most flattering look, but it's nice to see her in something so unexpected.

Later that night, Ciara hit the stage to perform 1, 2, Step with Missy Elliot, wearing another all black outfit that included leather pants, a black bodysuit with fishnet sleeves and black gloves.

Both looks are inneresting, but if we had to choose, we prefer her red carpet look.

[Image via D.Salters/WENN.]

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Missy Elliott Births New Music On Labor Day!

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Yes!!! The rhyming Goddess promised us new tracks come Labor Day and OH did she deliver!

Missy Elliott and her bestie forever and always, Timbaland, took to the stage Monday at the Fontainebleau's Bleau Live Labor Day event, and girl spat some classic faves as well as two spankin' new tunes, 9th Inning and Triple Threat (above)!

We're SO thrilled that Missy is back after a far too long hiatus from rhyming, and are souped that she's — hopefully! — almost finished with that elusive Block Party album…

Perhaps by the end of the year Missy?! A little Christmas prezzie for our eardrums?! Yes please!!

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Aaliyah Album WON'T Involve Missy Elliott & Timbaland!

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Gaaah! So many conflicting reports, WHAT are we to believe?!

So if you haven't heard, Drake is a massive Aaliyah fan and has been remastering previously unreleased material to be unleashed as a posthumous album later this year…

Awesome possum, right?!

Initially, we'd heard that Aaliyah's old recording chums Missy Elliott and Timbaland were peeved to the max that Drake hadn't involved them in his musical schemes, AND rumors said the album was not supported by Aaliyah's family!

But THEN we heard confirmation from Aaliyah's cousin and manager of Blackground records Jomo Hankerson that YES, a 16 track album featuring unreleased Aaliyah tracks will happen, and that Missy and Timbaland's involvement was gar-un-teed!!

Well, we guess that was a giant psych-out because Missy's rep is denying

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Timbaland & Missy Elliott Unite On Aaliyah Album!

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It IS happening! Missy Elliott and Timbaland will lend their musical skillz to a forthcoming Aaliyah project! AND with permission from Aaliyah's family!!

But we thought Drake was super into being the SOLE producer behind the posthumous Aaliyah album, which should be slamming into ears by the end of 2012… weird!

Jomo Hankerson, Aaliyah's cousin and manager of Blackground records, has confirmed that a 16-track album featuring unreleased Aaliyah material is currently in the works, and yes, it SHOULD be released by year's end.

Jomo recently shared:

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Drake To Lead Posthumous Aaliyah Album's Production??

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Drake Aaliyah Album Produce

Could Drake REALLY be working on a posthumous album from Aaliyah???

Since the late songbird’s untimely death in 2001, fans have been waiting to hear a collection of her unreleased tracks.

Now, reportedly, Drake — a huge fan of the singer — has been called on to produce an album, FULL of unheard material!

While nothing has been confirmed, Drizzy is supposedly going to

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Missy Elliott Runs Into Some Car Trouble!

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Missy Elliott Car 2

Uh oh!

Sounds like somebody’s messing with Missy Elliott and we’re glad it’s not us!

Reportedly, Missy is suing a Florida car dealership, Fox Valley Motor Cars, for not following through on a sale agreement!

The rapstress claims she made an agreement last year to purchase a 2012 Matte White Lambo Aventador for a whopping $376,000.

The agreement read that Missy was to make a down payment of $30,000 in cash, as well as trade in her $85,000 Bentley in return for the Lambo.

Well, it looks like Missy stuck to her end of the deal, but the dealership FAILED to ship her the car by mid 2012, as they promised and agreed to!

Now that we're over the mid-year mark, Elliott took it upon herself to ask Fox Valley what was up and they are now demanding MORE money for the whip, because the market value had risen!!

Missy’s suing the

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