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Lupe Fiasco Accused Of Hiding A Huge Stash For Drug Kingpin!

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lupe fiascoLupe Fiasco may have endured a political fiasco when he threw shade at President Barack Obama, but now it looks like he's about to have a legal fiasco as well.

According to the estranged wife of drug kingpin Charles Patton, who's now serving 44 years in jail for running a heroin racket, Lupe allegedly hid $9 million of the drug dealer's cash in various accounts so as to block her from getting it in a divorce settlement.

Apparently, Patton's wife, who would like to be the heroine of her ongoing divorce case and now her lawsuit against Lupe, followed the money trail, and she has claimed it leads to Lupe!

Meanwhile, Lupe's lawyer has stated that these allegation are "baseless" and plain loopy:

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Lamar Odom Cruises Through El Lay Without Khloe Kardashian, Under The Influence Of Sadness!!

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lamar odom driving mercedes rumored drug abuse estrangement khloe kardashian sadLamar Odom sighting!!!

It's been several days since cameras caught sight of the rumored drug addict and former basketball star, but the pap finally tracked him down on Monday.

He doesn't look super happy to be driving his Mercedes around El Lay, but we are still totally relieved to see him!

Between rumors of him cheating on Khloe Kardashian, his possible drug abuse, interventions, rumored disappearances, estrangement, and even a potential divorce, we were genuinely worried!

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Justin Bieber’s New Girl Is A Married Woman, According To Her Mother-In-Law! Whoops!!

justin and married girl jordan

Oh, those pesky wedding vows. They’re always getting in the way of things, aren’t they? LOLz!

While that may not hold true for the majority of happily married couples, it seems to be the case for Justin Bieber’s new supposed lovah, Jordan Ozuna!!

Yeah, remember her? Her recent fling (recent as in a few days ago at the skydiving place) with the golden-tressed pop star has crushed the hopes and dreams of Beliebers everywhere! We bet she’s already started to receive death threats!

In fact, we KNOW that she has because we've already seen a bunch of them on Twitter. What did she expect??

But no worries to anyone who was concerned the two might get married, because Jordan is already married to

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Has Kristen Stewart GIVEN UP On Re-igniting Romance With Rob?! Spotted Getting Close With New Co-Star!

kstew sturgess costars

Hold UP!

Does this mean that she's canceled her desperately-planned trip to Australia to save her very-clearly-dying relationship?!

Quite possibly so!

While Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have been on the rocks since the actor left his estranged lady-love back in the states to film David Michôd's The Rover, it appears that Twilight starlet may have FINALLY gotten the hint to take off his crusty undies and MOVE ON!

Which may be happening sooner rather than later, as she's said to be sweetening up rather quickly to her new Big Shoe cast-mate, Jim Sturgess!

And just to prove that she very well could be up to some of her old, homewrecking tricks…guess what?!


Sources explain:

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Courtney Love And Frances Bean Cobain Are SPEAKING Again…Via Twitter! Check Out Their Holiday Greetings HERE!



The holidays are a time for family, and we're glad to see that even those who may be ESTRANGED from each other took time to at least ATTEMPT to mend their broken fences…even if it was just in 140 characters or less via social networking!

Courtney Love and her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, have a long and troubled history of familial dysfunction, with the child of the late Kurt Cobain even going so far as to have even taken out restraining orders against her rockstar mother in the past!

And while the majority of their Twitter exchanges are generally nothing short of contentious, it seems that this year things are finally looking up!

Even if Frances is STILL pointing out Courtney's, ahem, 'eccentric' tendancies!

Their season's greetings went as followed:

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Rihanna's Dad SUPPORTS Revival Of Chris Brown Romance!

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Even though Rihanna's dad, Ronald Fenty, was baffled by Chris Brown's "not guilty" plea to two counts of felony assault back in 2009, he totally supports her decision to get back together with him.

Her estranged father — who permanently damaged his relationship with the singer by exploiting it for paid interviews — has told sources that Brown "should be forgiven" and explained:

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Amanda Bynes Hasn't Talked To Her Parents For MONTHS!

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Ugh! More heartbreaking news in the curious case of Amanda Bynes' ongoing downward spiral.

We heard her parents were attempting to get back into their daughter's life and had moved back to El Lay to keep an eye on her. However, someone has stepped forward to reveal that Mandy hasn't even SPOKEN to them in months!

Say what!?

Apparently, they've been back in the City of Angels too, but have pretty much been cut "out of her life entirely," as a source explained:

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