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Germany Debuts Gay Kiss Soccer Ad!

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Anti Homophobia Soccer

Anti-homophobia is the name of the game in Germany right now, and we are so pleased to see their latest ad-effort during the Euro 2012 games!

The poster (above) shows two soccer players in mid-kiss, which is a bit more than a brotherly show of affection!

It asks:

"Would you also beat up your favorite player for this?"

So. Fab.

Good luck to everyone playing in the tournaments!

Let's end homophobia everywhere, including sports!

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Famous Pitcher Condemns 'Kiss Cam' Gay Jokes

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Brandon McCarthy, pitcher for the Oakland A's has taken to twitter to condemn a popular 'gay joke' at baseball games.

The 'joke' is when the kiss cam operator points the camera at two 'straight' guys, prompting them to kiss.

This upset McCarthy, so he went to twitter, as so many celebs do, to vent his frustrations, saying:

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Magic Johnson Takes New Approach To Fight Homophobia Using Hip Hop

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Score one for Magic!

The Laker legend wants to enlist hip hop and R&B artists to help raise HIV awareness in the African American community.

He hopes that with the help of rappers and singers, homophobia will decrease within Black culture.

Magic writes:

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Chick Fil-A Apologizes For Being Racist Employee

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As reported earlier, an OC Chick-Fil-A cashier, "Lia," named two Asian customers Ching and Chong.

Now, Chick-Fil-A has issued a statement addressing the matter.

The chain admits that the incident happened and it has terminated the employee.

The statement reads:

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Nigerian Football Federation Kicks Women Off Team For Being Lesbian

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Nigerian Football Federation Kicks Woman Off Team For Being Lesbian

This is sick.

The Nigerian Football Federation has been conducting a witch hunt to find lesbians in the national soccer team and ban them from playing in World Cup 2011.

FIFA NEEDS to do something about this!! They’ve stood up to bigotry before! In 1961 FIFA expelled South Africa from the World Cup because of its racist apartheid system, readmitting them only in 1991 after the release of Nelson Mandela.

This type of discrimination CANNOT stand!

We are caling on FIFA president Joseph Blatter to step in and do something about this. Homophobia has no place in society!

Click HERE to join the cause!

[Image via AP Images.]

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