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UPDATE: Adele Misheard Audience Member -- He Was NOT Being Homophobic At All!

Watch Adele Put Homophobic Fan ON BLAST During Las Vegas Residency Show!

UPDATE 6/3/2024 10:37 A.M.: So yeah, about that “homophobic” heckler…

It turns out that audience member didn’t interrupt Adele’s concert to shout “Pride sucks.” In a video from another angle, the guy can clearly be heard saying “WORK SUCKS.” See, Adele mentioned her work week, and that led the guy to sympathize…

Yeah, much easier to hear there. Not only that, several witnesses came forward on social media to say the same thing:

Hate to defend a man but the guy was somewhere behind me and he said ‘work sucks’ not ‘Pride sucks'”

“I was close to the guy who yelled and he actually said “work sucks” because she had mentioned that her work is on the weekends. I don’t think it was meant to be in regard to her work but in regard to working 9-5?…. It was all a bit awkward haha”

So yeah… big oops? But hey, at least we know Adele would have our back if someone did say any trash like that!

Adele won’t stand for homophobia! And she’s not afraid to make an example out of a brash heckler!

If you’ve ever wondered if it’s possible for the Hello singer to become even MORE of an icon, she just proved she can! And she DID! During her Las Vegas residency show on Saturday night, the English singer shut down a hate-filled fan for blasting gay Pride! On the FIRST day of Pride month! We wish we were joking! But don’t worry, Adele’s got it covered!

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In fan-captured footage, the Rumour Has It singer is in the middle of her performance when a rude audience member shouts “Pride sucks!” The nasty remark clearly infuriates ally Adele, as she took no time to clap back:

“Did you come to my f**king show and just say that Pride sucks? Are you f**king stupid?”

OOP! And she didn’t stop there! The mom of one adds:

“Don’t be so f**king ridiculous. If you have nothing nice to say, shut up, alright?”

Yessss, Adele! You tell ‘em!

The crowd LOVED the interaction as they quickly erupt in cheer. Watch the iconic moment (below):

Loves it!

On Instagram, fans were quick to put their stamps of approval on the moment:

“Yesssss Queen

“Good for her!”

“One of the many reasons I love her

“Love Adele! Everything about her! Yessssss!”

“Awesome adele

“You get em Adele.”

“I was there for this. She used her voice and her platform to stand up for what is right #checkafool”

What are YOUR thoughts on the viral clip, Perezcious readers?? Sound OFF in the comments down below!

[Image via Adele/YouTube]

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