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Sportscaster Delivers BLISTERING Response To Harrison Butker's 'Hateful Speech' With Her Own Taylor Swift Quote!

Harrison Butker Speech Sportscaster Trenni Casey Response Taylor Swift Video

Tons of folks were offended by Harrison Butker‘s disgusting commencement speech at Benedictine College this week. Girls, gays, people with morals…

But women with careers were particularly stung. Hey, you know what’s a fun career for ladies who don’t want to reduce their existence to “homemaker” for a man? Sportscaster! And one woman who found success in the profession has delivered the most erudite, savage, and definitive response to his awful comments.

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NBC Sports Boston anchor Trenni Casey went on air Thursday night and just eviscerated Butker and his bad takes. She threw down the gauntlet, going down a very different avenue from some:

“Harrison Butker isn’t nearly the talent or the star Colin Kaepernick once was, but he should be treated the same: blacklisted, and this time it would actually be justified.”

Damn. Trenni said she’s tolerant of those who hold differing views, mentioning a longtime friend who isn’t pro-choice. She maintains Butker is “allowed to align his views with the Catholic church on sensitive topics if “those are his opinions.” HOWEVER, she cautions everyone defending him:

“There is a big difference between opinion and dehumanizing hateful speech”

She argued instead of giving his own views, what he really was doing as selling propaganda:

“The 28-year-old Chiefs kicker spent 20 minutes espousing the greatest hits of bigotry, antisemitism, misogyny, homophobia [and] anti-diversity.”

Antisemitism? Yeah, the misogyny and LGBT hate got all the press as the other was a little more subtle. Specifically Butker criticized a bill Congress passed to expand protections against antisemitism to include the notion of the Jews killing Jesus as an example of hate speech. He apparently would prefer to keep saying that one? Trenni explained:

“The trope he’s pushing? It’s the same one Nazis used during the Holocaust, arguing that the murders of 6 million Jews was punishment for the murder of Jesus by their ancestors. It should be noted that the Catholic Church has already denounced this narrative back in 1964, yet on Saturday, Butker was pushing the lie.”

Yeah, every old bigotry is new again lately, right?

Trenni also took the man to task for calling LGBT pride a “deadly sin” of course — and for “making sure everyone knows that women are nothing more than vessels for children and wives to husbands.” She said there should be “consequences” for speech that seeks to vilify or diminish the very existence of a community, commentary which is in itself a form of oppression. She clapped back at those telling her to respect his beliefs:

“I am so tired of people telling us at the center of these dehumanizing rants that we need to respect everyone’s opinion. No. We don’t, and we don’t have to tolerate it, either. You are not allowed to go out of your way and belittle, degrade and depict groups that don’t look like you as subhuman. That’s not an opinion. That is hate. Plain and simple.”

Hell yes! Preach it, girl!

She finished her diatribe by referencing how Butker quoted Taylor Swift — though she noted how even the way he referred to her, as Travis Kelce‘s “girlfriend”, was demeaning, too — since that’s “all she is in his mind.” She closed with a coup de grace courtesy of Tay:

“He chose to quote a song called Bejeweled, but it feels inappropriate for Butker who more closely aligns with a newer song she wrote, The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived.”

Ooh! To put it in terms an NFL kicker should understand… SNAP!

The full response is well worth your time! See the whole thing (below)!


Trenni Casey shares her thoughts on Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker’s controversial commencement speech

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