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Snickers Gets Offensive With Their New Ad! Find Out How Hunger And Misogyny Go Hand-In-Hand HERE!

There is so much offensive material here, we’re not sure who got the worse end of the stick candy bar!

Snickers revealed a new ad in Australia, and it sends one heck of a terrible message!

In the commercial, construction workers swapped their typical gross cat calls for encouraging statements, like:

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Jane Fonda Did Not Appreciate Seth MacFarlane's Oscar Song About Seeing Her Boobs!

jane vs sethLena Dunham, you are not alone!

The Girls creator recently took to Twitter to call out Seth MacFarlane's controversial musical number during the 85th Annual Academy Awards, a tribute to to the actresses who have gone topless on film called "We Saw Your Boobs," and now, a woman who HAS shown her tittays to the world via film has joined her in speaking out against what many would argue to be blatant sexism…and all-around poor taste!

Jane Fonda!

The iconic actress recently revealed:

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Roseanne Weighs In On Adam Carolla's Sexist Comments

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Roseanne Barr not laughing at Adam Carolla

Now here is a legendary comedic voice that we've been dying to hear react to Adam Carolla's most recent misogynistic outburst.

Roseanne Barr was one of the biggest sitcom stars EVER, so we think she would know a thing or two about womens' ability to write them.

In case you haven't heard about the controversy, the former Man Show host told sources that women are "always the least funny on the writing staff" of a sitcom. He proceeded to generalize that "the reason why you know more funny dudes than funny chicks is that dudes are funnier than chicks."

Much like his gay jokes, we don't think these were that funny either and Mz. Barr agrees. The comedian-turned-presidential candidate took to Twitter on Tuesday to share her opinion and wrote:

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Oprah Confronts 50 Cent About Their Old Feud!

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Well, this wasn't awkward at all.


Way back in the day, 50 Cent had some beef with Oprah Winfrey because she took issue with some of the misognistic content featured in hip hop culture — namely on his music! Therefore, in his eyes, she was nothing more than a "white woman."

Well, The Big O NEVER forgets, and was apparently biding her time until she interview him recently for Oprah's Next Chapter, during which she brought up their alleged 'feud' and very uncomfortably put him on the spot regarding his past comments.

Watch it all go down for yourself (above)!

Oh man! Look at him SQUIRM!

Lesson here, folks? Don't mess with Oprah Winfrey.

That is, unless you want her to call you out on it and force you to repeat everything you said to her face!


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