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Lil Nas X Dressed As A Bloody Tampon Hanging Out Of An Enormous Vagina For Halloween

Lil Nas X Tampon Halloween Costume

Every Halloween party there’s one person who sees what crossing the line of good taste would be — and sashays way the hell past it.

Lil Nas X, always a master of getting himself attention, was the one this year, and there’s no subtle way to put this… he dressed as a giant tampon. Not only that, he was a used, bloody tampon, connected by a string to an enormous papier-mâché vagina.

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It’s… well… anyway, here it is in action:



As one might expect, the costume caused quite the commotion in the comments section, with quite a few woman annoyed the Old Town Road rapper chose to, as a man, make light of something he never had to experience. Here’s a sampling of the repulsed comments:

“Lil nas x dressing up as a bloody tampon is the most annoying thing I’ve seen tonight. He does nothing except romanticize things that give women pain.”

“I enjoy this look but the fact that you personally have never experienced the stigma, shame or pain involved with having a period makes me pause and think……. But why though?”

“As someone who has a vagina, this is not it.”

“Gay men often think they can get a pass without realizing they can be equally misogynistic… it’s not up to cis men to make light of things like this.”

But a few took the counterpoint, saying at least a man was trying to “normalize” periods! One comment that got a TON of likes made the case like this:

“A lot of people in the comments are annoying, saying ‘you don’t know how badly it hurts so don’t dress like period’ but please, can we agree that, besides the fact that it’s freaking funny, it’s also important to TALK ABOUT PERIODS?? Like this is a big taboo for a lot of people (women, men or everyone else). My personal first reaction was (to laugh) like ‘yeah yeah yeah, periods are something important, thanks for showing it!!’ So please, stop crying that ‘periods are a subject forbidden to men’ or ‘you laugh about our pain’ cause NO. It is funny, and it might help to talk about it.”

Hmm. That’s an interesting point. Of course, one could argue he’s emphasizing periods as a taboo by dressing this way for Halloween, like it’s something grotesque.

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Was Lil Nas X wrong for this? Is it misogynistic? Let us know in the comments!

[Image via MEGA/WENN.]

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Nov 01, 2023 13:00pm PDT

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