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12-Year-Old Girl Found Dead With Chilling Mystery Numbers Imprinted On Her

12 year old girl found dead chilling mystery numbers on feet

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

A 12-year-old girl from Paris, France was found dead in a trunk after she disappeared after school on Friday.

Lola Daviet‘s parents contacted police after they became worried when their daughter didn’t come home from school last week, according to the BBC. The girl’s mother, Delphine Daviet, immediately knew something was wrong because it was unlike her daughter to break the family rule of coming straight home from school on Friday. She told Metro UK:

“Lola knows that on Fridays you go straight home because we go to Béthune, the family village, a three-hour drive north of Paris.”

The victim’s father, Johan Daviet, is a caretaker of the apartment building he and his family live in and decided to check CCTV for himself to see if there were any signs of his daughter. Surprisingly, he found Lola had come home on Friday and walked into the building — but she was being followed by an older woman. A neighbor who saw the footage told Le Parisien on Sunday:

“We see Lola inside. But the little girl is not alone. She is accompanied by a woman in her twenties. The lady makes a gesture to her as if she were telling her to come … Lola didn’t look reassured at all.”

You can see the CCTV footage yourself around timestamp 0:46 (below):

Chilling. Sadly, this strange interaction would prove to be the last time anyone would see the little girl alive.

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Local authorities confirmed just six hours after Daviet was reported missing that her body had been found. The poor girl was horribly mutilated and stuffed inside a suitcase just a few streets away from her home. Her hands and feet were bound with tape, and she had several slashes across her face and throat.

Just heartbreaking. No parent should ever see their child like that…

A post mortem examination on Saturday concluded she had died from asphyxiation. Blood splatters on her skin also concluded she was still alive at the time her hands and feet were taped. Police also found signs of a struggle in the basement of her family’s apartment building, according to Metro UK. Probably the most strange and chilling thing found, though, was Lola had the numbers “1” and “0” imprinted on her foot with a “device” according to what police told BFMTV. Yeah, a device — horrifying to think about what that even implies…

And it only gets more upsetting when it was revealed the main suspect, a homeless woman known only as Dahbia B., boasted about “selling body parts”, according to an investigation source for the outlet:

“The alleged murderer somehow earned her victim’s confidence and led her into a cellar below the building, where the attack happened. The attacker had been talking about selling organs and body parts, but none of this makes sense. She acted alone and gratuitously, and defiled her victim before killing her … The suspect is believed to suffer with serious psychological problems. She was living on the street, but had friends and family in the Paris area.”

Selling organs?! Just sickening…

Witnesses later reported to the news station they saw Dahbia dragging the trunk, believed to be the one the victim’s body was found in, across Paris smelling “strongly of bleach” and “stained with blood”:

“We saw her go into the building, she was all alone… we saw her half an hour later with a suitcase, she was speaking a bit with everyone, she seemed to be a bit crazy. She was struggling to carry the suitcase, we thought it was because it was heavy items and she was quite slim — we never thought it was a body… It was 5pm and she was walking around with that suitcase, she even left it outside a cafe and went to the bakery opposite to buy a croissant as if nothing had happened.”

As of Monday, the local prosecutor’s office confirmed to Le Monde that the suspect is expected to be charged with “murder and rape of a minor under 15 years of age involving acts of torture and extreme violence”. A 43-year-old man is also in custody because he’s believed to have driven the woman and the suitcase in his car — but it’s unclear if he’ll face any charges, according to the BBC.

Such an awful situation. Our hearts go out to Lola’s parents and loved ones.


[Image via Delphine Daviet/Facebook/FRANCE 24 English/YouTube]

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