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At Least 5 People Killed In Norway Bow And Arrow Attack, Police Believe It Was An ‘Act Of Terrorism’

At Least 5 People Killed In Norway Bow And Arrow Attack, Police Believe It Was An ‘Act Of Terrorism’

A man armed with a bow and arrow went on a rampage in Norway this week, murdering several people.

According to multiple reports, the attacker opened fire with 30-inch arrows Wednesday evening after 6 p.m. at a Coop Extra supermarket in Kongsberg, which is about 42 miles away from the capital, Oslo. Pictures from the crime scene showed arrows thrown throughout the town streets and lodged into the walls of buildings. One witness, Sarkis Younan, reportedly told The Mirror they were watching Squid Game on Netflix when everything went down and thought the commotion was coming from the show:

“I was sitting and watching Squid Game when I suddenly saw and heard sirens. I thought it was in the TV series. Suddenly I heard the police screaming like hell: ‘Put down your weapon!'”

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While the official death toll has not been confirmed, The Mirror reports that at least five people have died and several others injured, including a police officer who was struck in the back with an arrow. An unnamed 37-year-old man, who lives in Kongsberg, has since been arrested and charged for the attack. In a press conference on Thursday, Police Chief Øyvind Aas revealed that there is currently “no active search for more people” before adding:

“From the information we now have, this person carried out these actions alone. Unfortunately, we can confirm that there are several injured and several killed as a result of the action. The injured have been taken to hospital for treatment. The Kongsberg municipality has been notified and has set up crisis teams to assist and follow up with those who need it.”

He refused to address the exact number of casualties. A motive is also unknown at this time, but Aas noted:

“From the course of events, it is natural to consider whether this is an act of terrorism.”


However, per CNN, Aas then clarified that “the apprehended person has not been question, and it is therefore too early to say anything about this and what was the person’s motivation.” Following the terrible incident, police across the country have since been ordered to arm themselves as a precaution. According to CNN, the Norwegian Police Directorate said in a statement regarding the move:

“Due to the serious incident in Kongsberg where several people were killed and injured tonight, the police in Norway are temporarily armed. This is an additional emergency measure. The police currently have no concrete indications that there is a change in the threat level in the country.”

In case you didn’t know, Norwegian officers do not carry guns and normally require prior approval to do so when needed. They are understandably using any measure just in case at this time.

We’re keeping those who were affected by this tragedy in our hearts.

[Image via BBC/YouTube, Movieclips/YouTube]

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Oct 14, 2021 18:33pm PDT

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