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OMFG! Over 90 Venomous Snakes Found Underneath Northern California Home!

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One California homeowner had 99 problems and most of them were snakes living under her house!

Earlier this month, the Sonoma County Reptile Rescue — a nonprofit offering rattlesnake rescue and relocation free of charge — took to Facebook to share what director Al Wolf found during a recent call.

On October 2, Wolf responded to a call from a resident who said “they had snakes under their house,” the post explained, but after he arrived at the Santa Rosa, California, abode, the animal expert discovered it wasn’t just one snake hiding out underneath the house: it was almost 100. Scccccary!

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Nearly four hours after arriving on site, Wolf had pulled 81 Northern Pacific rattlesnakes — 59 babies and 22 adults — out from under the Bay Area home. Wolf told SF Gate he had only seen dens this large in the wild prior to this call, adding:

“I’ve been doing this 32 years. I get calls with snakes under the house pretty often. The most I’ve done under a house is four or five.”

The following week, Wolf made two follow-up visits to the home and found 11 more snakes, bringing the total discovered under the house to 92. All of the snakes Wolf retrieves, including the large den he found recently, are released into the wild.

The Sonoma County Reptile Rescue director plans to visit the home several more times over the next couple of months to help keep the snake population there under control. Ch-ch-check out the organization’s full post (below).

[Image via Sonoma County Reptile Rescue/Facebook]

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