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A Religious Enthusiast Was Jade's Hammer-Wielding Intruder! Goody Opts Not To Press Charges

Jade Goody will not be pressing charges against the woman who snuck into her hospital room this weekend!!
As it turns out, the woman who hovered over Goody’s bedside with a hammer was praying for the dying reality television star!
The “religious fanatic” appeared over a napping Jade with a judge’s gavel, not a hammer, and began to murmur prayers for the cancer-stricken Goody while rubbing her arm.
Strangely sweet yet still incredibly creepy!
Jade’s publicist informed the tabloids that Goody will not be taking action against the religious extremist. “There will not be any charges. Jade is more aware now about what happened and when I spoke to her this morning and she said ”I’m sure the women didn’t mean me any harm,” said Max Clifford on behalf of Jade.
In reaction to the incident, the Royal Marsden Hospital has beefed up their security to prevent any further trouble for the terminally ill star.
[Image via WENN.]

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Mar 10, 2009 10:09am PDT

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