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Holy Crap, Timbaland ACTUALLY Said This About 16-Year-Old Aaliyah & His Wife!

Aaliyah Timbaland Quote Wife Monique Idlett

The internet has been incensed for the past few hours after rediscovering some old comments about Aaliyah — and for once we are in total agreement!

The quotes in question are from producer Timbaland, who worked with the late pop star on her second studio album, One In A Million.

What you have to recall first is that the late, great Aaliyah — who was killed in an airplane crash at just 22 years old — had spent a lot of her all too brief life being victimized. She was an early victim of R. Kelly, who produced her first album when she was just 14 years old, becoming her mentor… and then turning that into something ugly when he illegally married her when she was only 15.

BTW, Kelly met Aaliyah when she was 12. Need more evidence that was grooming? The album, which Kelly wrote most of, was titled Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number. Oof.

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That scandal got put back in the spotlight over the past couple years after the revealing documentary Surviving R. Kelly, contributing to a public fervor and official investigation that has landed the Ignition singer in prison on charges of child sexual exploitation, kidnapping, and more.

OK, so that’s the background. Now let’s get back to what Timbaland said.

The hitmaker behind Justin Timberlake‘s Cry Me A River and many more hits was introduced to Aaliyah after she moved from R. Kelly’s label to Atlantic Records after the whole underage wedding controversy. He and Missy Elliott were supposed to provide a safer situation for the rising star, who was just 16 years old. However, it sounds like she was anything but safe.

In his E! True Hollywood Story, which aired back in 2011, Timbaland admitted he fell in love with the teenager!

“When I first met Aaliyah — it time for the world to hear this, I’m gonna give a little secret — I was in love with her. I said, But I’m not… She just a baby, I’m old.”

Timbaland was 23 years old at the time, BTW. He continued:

“I said to myself, ‘I’m just gonna be her brother.’ Oh man, I was fightin’, I was fightin’ a lot — a big war. But I loved Aaliyah.”

Well, that’s gross. We’re talking about a 16-year-old, man! But it gets worse. Really. Frankly we’re shocked he’s still married after what he said next:

“When I first met my wife, I knew I was going to marry her because she looked like Aaliyah.”

WHUT?? Yeah, he really said all that.

This is Timbaland with his wife, Monique Idlett, in 2009 (below). We don’t necessarily see the resemblance to Aaliyah, but she’s definitely rocking the signature ‘do, with the straight hair down over one eye. Hmm.

Timbaland and his wife Monique Idlett in 2009
Timbaland and wife Monique Idlett in 2009. / (c) Johnny Louis/WENN

Seriously though — his wife heard this. They had already been married for three years, and he said he married her because she looked like a 16-year-old he had been in love with before she died. And y’all, they are still married. Wow.

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We aren’t sure why these comments resurfaced. Maybe it was due to Timbaland bringing up the late star as a way to prop himself up earlier this week?


In any case, it is NOT a good look for Timbaland. See just a few of the overwhelming number of tweets condemning him and everyone else who exploited the young Aaliyah…

You can see a few more responses (below), too.

“Aaliyah was drop dead gorgeous w/ no parental supervision. THATS why them n*****  were obsessed with her. She wasn’t a unicorn or ‘special’. She was a child that they could groom into being their trophy wife. Wasnt a SINGLE person around her that genuinely wanted the best for her”

“Timbaland is a wild n**** for admitting that he married his wife because she reminded him of Aaliyah. Some s**t just stay in your head.”

“Aaliyah was failed by almost every adult in her life.”

What do YOU think of Timbaland’s comments? Will they affect how many people want to work with him from now on?

[Image via Aaliyah/YouTube/Apega/WENN.]

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