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Abby Lee Miller Calls Britney Spears' Instagram Dance Videos 'Cringe'!

Abby Lee Miller Calls Britney Spears’ Dance Videos On Instagram ‘Cringe’!

Abby Lee Miller is back at it again with her dance criticisms! But this time, she’s going after Britney Spears!

Fans know the pop star loves to post videos of herself on Instagram twirling around in her home. Plenty of fans love how freely she’s expressing herself. But critics have been less impressed by what they’ve seen from Brit lately, especially knowing what a phenomenal performer she used to be onstage. And for Abby? The Dance Moms star winces every time a new dance video from Britney pops up on her Instagram feed!

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In an interview with on Monday, the former instructor did not hold back her thoughts on Britney’s dance moves! Abby did recognize the 42-year-old singer was a “great” and “confident” dancer in her prime, telling the outlet:

“I would say she performed like J-Lo. She was doing the knee slides and doing real athletic, real dancing. Toxic. I mean, any of those songs, even in her video […Baby One More Time] the iconic schoolgirl outfit, coming down the hallway with the lockers. She was dancing and she could dance. She was great. She was just great. Britney was adorable, great, confident, and well taught.”

Nowadays, though, the reality star feels her skills have gone downhill significantly! She said:

“I cringe and I yell at her and then the whole world hates me, and then the world of Britney comes after me like I’m psycho. How dare I.”

She knows this interview is going out internationally, right? She better prepare to get blasted again by Britney fans! However, the haters won’t stop Abby from speaking her mind!

Besides, she’s trying to be constructive — giving Britney some tips on how to improve her craft! For starters, Abby attributes the pop sensation’s cringe-worthy moves to her lack of training over the past few years:

“She was away from her dance teacher too long. That’s number one … dance is a constantly evolving art form, so you have to continually stay with the trends.”

And that’s not the only issue, according to the controversial dance teacher! She also wants Britney “to pull her pants up!” No, we are not kidding here! Abby went on a rant to the outlet about how much she wanted the Piece of Me artist to fix her pants — and not in a prudish way! The television personality explained:

“The lower your pants are, the longer your body looks and the shorter your legs look. No torso. You want to be head and neck and legs. So, she keeps pushing her pants down, making her body look longer and her legs shorter. And I’m like, ‘Pull your pants up and make your legs look longer.’”


Abby may “cringe” at Britney’s videos, but she may just have to get used to it! After receiving criticisms from fans about her dance videos online over the years, Britney doesn’t seem to care or plan to stop at this point!

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Do you agree with Abby? Or do you feel she is being too harsh on Britney? Sound OFF in the comments below.

[Image via Entertainment Tonight/YouTube, Britney Spears/Instagram]

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