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Addison Rae Responds To Backlash After Performing TikTok Dances On Fallon & Not Crediting The Creators!

Addison Rae responds to backlash over her TikTok dance segment on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon!

Addison Rae is finally addressing all the abundant backlash she received after appearing on The Tonight Show late last week and performing TikTok dances engineered by Black creators.

As we reported on Monday, social media users were up in arms after the Louisiana native’s bland, copycat dance performance alongside host Jimmy Fallon. Now, at least the 20-year-old is owning up to it… somewhat.

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According to TMZ, who reached out to Rae (real name Addison Easterling) about the show performance and follow-up backlash, the embattled dancer was quick to note that the original choreographers “definitely deserve all the credit.”

That’s great! That’s what everybody has been saying! Although it would have been nice if (a) that credit had come sooner and in a more visible place than it wound up, and (b) if the original creators were the ones who appeared on The Tonight Show in the first place. Right?! As Rae went on to point out, the original creators — most Black dancers and choreographers, and other people of color — were credited in the description section of the original YouTube posting.

Bryce Hall‘s ex-girlfriend offered (below):

“I think they were all credited in the original YouTube posting, but it’s kinda hard to credit during the show. But they all know that I love them so much and I mean, I support all of them so much. It was never my intention [to use their dances without credit], and they definitely deserve all the credit because they came up with these amazing trends. And hopefully one day we can all meet up and dance together.”

Yeah, so, like, how hard could it have been to credit the original choreographers? Just put up a graphic with each name/TikTok handle as each dance is performed? How hard could that be??

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For reference, ICYMI, here’s the performance we’ve been talking about, so you can clearly see there would have been simple space in the shot to make that happen:


By the way, here are the eight original dance creators, listed by dance with their TikTok handles:

Do It Again — @noahschnapp
Savage Love — @jazlynebaybee
Corvette Corvette — @yvnggprince
Laffy Taffy — @flyboyfu
Savage — @kekejanjah
Blinding Lights — @macdaddyz
Up — @theemyanicole
Fergalicious — @thegilberttwins

Rae did try to mend fences with them during that TMZ chat, claiming she “for sure” has plans to collaborate with several of them. She said:

“[They are] so talented. I definitely don’t do them justice. They’re amazing. Ever since the beginning, I’ve been talking to most of them and definitely want to collab with a lot of them. Hopefully, once the world opens up [after the pandemic], we can all meet up and do something together, ’cause it’d be so much fun.”

Wouldn’t that be an interesting meeting… What do y’all think, Perezcious readers? Is Rae simply doing her best at damage control here?? Or should she genuinely meet up with these super-talented choreographers and be forgiven from all of this week’s controversy by making amends?!

Sound OFF down in the comments (below) with your take on this and everything else Addison Rae-lated…

[Image via Addison Rae/Instagram/The Tonight Show/YouTube]

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