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Alice Evans Says Family Is So Poor After Ioan Gruffudd Left For Younger GF That They Have To Go On Food Stamps!

Alice Evans Says Family Is So Poor After Breadwinner Ioan Gruffudd Left For Younger GF They Have To Go On Food Stamps!

Alice Evans is once again calling out her ex Ioan Gruffudd — this time for allegedly refusing to pay child support, causing his estranged family to go broke!

On Monday, the actress filed new legal documents amid the exes’ MESSY AF divorce. Obtained by, they detail Alice’s financial struggle as she raises the couple’s kids, Ella, 14, and Elsie, 10, all by herself.

Remember, the Fantastic Four actor ran off with a MUCH younger actress, Bianca Wallace, back in 2021 after 14 years of marriage. The whole thing was a big shock to the family and has kicked off a truly complicated legal split with wild accusations floating around on both sides. There are numerous restraining order requests, too — including one by Ioan’s own daughter! That was ultimately dropped, but still, it goes to show how intense this scandal has been. And it’s only getting worse!

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According to the latest legal filing, Alice has “100 percent” custody of the girls right now, something that was settled two months ago when they finalized their custody agreement and divorce. But Alice claims that Ioan hasn’t sent over any financial support since then, and now she is “struggling to put food on the table.” This while her ex, who is now engaged to the woman he left her for, is “jetting around the world” and living a “lavish lifestyle.” Oof!

The Vampire Diaries alum blasted the actor, writing:

“While I am struggling to put food on the table for the children, Ioan is jet setting around the world.”

Part of his travels have been to promote his new film, Bad Boys: Ride or Die. She also noted that “stories in the media” have indicated her baby daddy “purchased an expensive engagement ring for his fiancée” while also claiming he and Bianca “recently purchased new Rolex watches.” While her page is now deactivated, DM noted that Bianca had a May 2024 Instagram post showing her wearing a green Rolex watch (though it’s unclear if this was the watch in question). But there’s no question Ioan’s been living it up lately — just look at his latest post!

Either way, because of Ioan’s “lavish lifestyle,” Alice wants the court to order him to pay spousal and child support to her until their financial trial later this summer will determine the long-term plan.

The co-parents were supposed to sort out their financial issues in a trial originally set for April 2024, and with that in mind, Gruffudd already paid Evans $7,000 a month as an advance of spousal support from December 2023 to April 2024, but the trial has now been pushed back until August. So far, the exes had agreed that Ioan would pay her $3,000 a month in interim child support, but she claims he hasn’t paid this in either May or June. Because of this, the 55-year-old is in a jam, her lawyer Janina Verano explained:

“Alice is applying for public assistance because she is unable to support herself and the children.”

Alice elaborated:

“As it stands I am behind on rent and utility payments and friends have started dropping off groceries and food so the children can eat. I will be applying for food stamps and welfare.”


Stressing that she “cannot wait months for a trial to receive child support and spousal support,” the actress-turned-stay-at-home-mom said she makes around $300 a month in royalties and hopes to make more money by appearing at fan conventions. She also has some designer items in storage that she could sell, but she cannot pay the monthly storage fee at this time, adding:

“I have drained all of my personal savings paying my prior attorneys in this case.”

And it’s been an EXPENSIVE case! She alleged that she has incurred legal fees of $112,000, putting her in a “dire” situation. Yeesh. Her attorney continued:

“It appears that the financial trial will be several months away and Alice will not be able to survive without the receipt of guideline spousal support. Ioan has the ability to pay spousal support based upon his greater ability to earn income and his ongoing lavish lifestyle. For these reasons, Alice requests guideline child and spousal support.”

Based on Ioan’s latest tax filing, Alice and her team believe he’s more than capable of helping her and their children out, the legal papers continued:

“In this case, a disparity in access to funds to pay fees exists because Alice earns only a few hundred dollars per month, while Ioan’s self-reported average monthly income on his Income and Expense Declaration filed January 24, 2024, is $21,023 for the 36 months ending December 31, 2023 and $18,264 for the 12 months ending December 31, 2023. […] Moreover, Ioan continues to get roles in movies, such as Bad Boys 4, which was just released this year. Ioan also received approximately $390,000 from the sales proceeds of the home just in December 2023.”

Per their prenup, Alice says she is entitled to 20 percent of her ex-husband’s earnings as spousal support or ten percent after having kids, but called the agreement “vague and ambiguous.” Per the outlet, she’s asking the court to pay her attorney fees and claims Ioan has been paying two different law firms and a forensic accountant.

But there’s more!

Alice also claimed Ioan hasn’t seen or spoken to his children in MONTHS!!! Her lawyer claimed that he hadn’t seen the girls outside of reunification therapy since May 2023. The therapy sessions ended in February of this year, so that’s several months when he apparently hasn’t seen them at all, under any circumstance. Jeez. He also allegedly has not “exercised his court ordered right” to a phone call with them three times a week. This, of course, is causing the little kids great confusion and hurt, their mother detailed:

“Ioan has not telephoned the children or returned their text messages since May of 2023. […] The children have been left in limbo and are completely confused about when or if they will see Ioan.”


She also clapped back at the Harrow star’s request to have their custody agreement sealed. She accused the 50-year-old of being “disingenuous” with his request to seal the legal proceedings in order to “protect the children.” The filing stated:

“[Gruffudd] did not seek to seal any of DVRO [domestic violence] pleadings nor any of the custody pleadings wherein he falsely accuses Alice of abusing the children’ – calling out the fact that he only wishes to seal those proceedings in which the allegations were resolved. …It appears that Ioan’s ‘concern’ is disingenuous. In short, his position is that the public should have access to all of his accusations against Alice, but not the document that resolves said allegations.”

That’s shady, if true! And it just goes to show that these two still (very much) aren’t on the same page about anything! It’s one thing not speaking to your kids (sadly some parents are just that s**tty), but allowing them to go hungry when you have the means to help is CRUEL!!!

Just when we thought things couldn’t get more complicated… Thoughts? Let us know in the comments (below).

[Image via MEGA/WENN & Alice Evans/Instagram]

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