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Fans Ask Alice Evans How She's Doing After Ex Ioan Gruffudd Announces ENGAGEMENT To Young Actress He Left Her For!

Fans Ask Alice Evans How She's Doing After Ex Ioan Gruffudd Announces ENGAGEMENT To Young Actress He Left Her For!

Alice Evans isn’t letting her ex-husband, Ioan Gruffudd, get her down!

The former couple have spent the past couple years viciously battling it out (online and in court) ever since the 50-year-old actor left Alice in 2021 following 14 years of marriage. The Vampire Diaries alum accused Ioan of abandoning his family. When he later went Instagram official with Bianca Wallace, it wasn’t long before Alice accused him of having a three-year affair with the 31-year-old actress. Oof.

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Three years later, there has been an update on his relationship with Bianca, which left fans to wonder how Alice is doing now! Over the weekend, his younger girlfriend announced in a since-deleted post that Ioan asked her for her hand in marriage. She, of course, said yes.

Upon seeing the engagement announcements, fans immediately became concerned for Alice. They even took to the comments section of her latest posts about her beloved dog, Emma, to check on her and her two daughters, 14-year-old Ella and 10-year-old Elsie. When one fan asked how the family was doing, the 55-year-old actress replied:

“We’re good thank you!”

Phew! It still must be low-key hard for Alice to watch her ex-husband take this big step with his alleged mistress — no matter how much time has passed! We cannot even imagine how the kids must feel, as they also have had issues with Ioan and Bianca in the past! Fortunately for the trio, they appear to have a good companion in their lives to get them through this latest chapter in the Ioan and Bianca drama — Emma. Another follower commented how the pup has “been the best friend and family” that the family “needed over the last few years,” to which Alice responded:

“She really has. It’s amazing seeing what it has done for the girls – how having Emma has injected positivity and love and security into their lives. I’m so glad we got her!”


When Alice addressed these comments, everyone assumed she was opening up about her current mood after the engagement news. But she took to Instagram on Tuesday to make it clear she did not “break any ‘silence’” on the matter, saying:

“Er no, Daily Mail. I did not. I posted a picture to Instagram of my dog. Yep. It was literally a picture of a dog. I did not break any ‘silence’ either, since I posted pictures of my dog four days ago, three days ago and yesterday. So that bit is factually incorrect as well as misleading. Your headline is deliberately ambiguous and you know it. It’s written in such a way as to encourage people who don’t even read the article and don’t want to think for themselves to buy into hackneyed tropes about angry women, suggesting I am reacting to some parallel unrelated event rather than what I did, which is, (I repeat) to post a picture of my dog.”

She then made it clear she has “moved on,” saying:

“This perpetuates the idea that I am a jealous, angry woman ( I am not) and provokes people I don’t even know to send nasty messages to me and my family about how I need to ‘get help’ or how I am ‘unhinged’ ( misogynists favorite) or other sparklingly intelligent platitudes such as ‘she needs to let go’ and ‘the crazy woman should move on’. I’ve moved on. Maybe you should too, Daily Mail?”

Whether Alice was addressing the engagement or not, we’re glad she seems to be doing well following her nasty divorce battle! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via Alice Evans/Bianca Wallace/Instagram]

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