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Ioan Gruffudd Accuses Alice Evans Of 'Child Abuse'! She Says He Hasn't Spoken To His Daughters In Months!

Ioan Gruffudd Alice Evans Divorce Child Abuse Neglect Accusations

Is this the nastiest celeb divorce being fought right now? Because it definitely feels like it just sunk lower than ever…

Ever since Alice Evans came forward last year to reveal her partner of 20+ years, Titanic alum Ioan Gruffudd, had abandoned her and their young daughters to go be with a woman he met while filming his show in Australia, our hearts have been broken for her. Oh, and we’ve also been addicted to the drama.

What? We’re messy bitches. You know this.

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But cheating and blasting on socials is one thing, hurting their children is another. This part isn’t fun. These girls, Ella and Elsie, now 13 and 9 years old, have been put right in the middle of this fight.

The cold war heated up again this summer as Ella filed for a restraining order against her dad and his new girlfriend. The Titanic actor is now living with a woman 20 years his junior named Bianca Wallace. Ella claimed in a legal filing that she was “afraid” Bianca would “abuse and/or continue to allow abuse to happen to” her kid sister Elsie. She alleged the aspiring actress had “slammed the door on her head” during an argument.

The teen’s request was ultimately rejected by the judge, who can say why. But it seems the bad blood has only gotten worse ever since.

Alice Evans and Ioan Gruffudd with the girls in happier times
Alice Evans and Ioan Gruffudd with the girls in happier times. / (c) FayesVision/WENN

Ioan successfully got his own restraining order against Alice last year over her social media posts accusing him of, you know, possibly cheating but definitely leaving his family for a younger woman (we mean, where’s the lie?). But now he’s using her statements against him to attack her in their custody battle. He wrote in a new filing, obtained by, that Alice was verbally abusive toward him — and kept him from the girls:

“Alice has continued to inflict serious emotional harm on Ella and Elsie by her statements and by interfering in my relationship with them. Alice has verbally abused and undermined me in front of the girls throughout their lives. Since January 2021, Alice has also encouraged and instructed them not to see me or communicate with me and she has made thousands of threatening and abusive communications to me and about me.”

He also says he believes she was “behind” Ella’s restraining order request, part of what he characterizes as a pattern of alienating the kids from him. Hmm. That unfortunately is starting to sound a little too familiar.

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“Mr. Fantastic” also blasted Alice for allegedly keeping the girls from their court-ordered therapy:

“Although there is an order for the girls to attend therapy, Alice has repeatedly either refused to bring the girls or interfered with my bringing the girls to therapy. Since separation, the girls have missed more therapy session than they have attended and they have had multiple therapists.”

He said explosively:

“I believe Alice’s actions are child abuse and I am gravely concerned for our children.”


Alice responded with her own filing, saying unequivocally:

“I have read and disagree with the declaration of petitioner (Gruffudd) as to allegations that I am inflicting or causing our children ‘serious emotional harm’. No one has ever contacted me or reported me for such conduct. No professional, nor teacher, nor school administrator, nor counsel, nor therapist.”

She also hit back that Ioan has not even bothered CALLING the girls for nearly three months!

“Petitioner has not seen, complied with, nor called the children for 11 weeks. I don’t understand how having no recent information, ‘petitioner believes’ there is an urgency such that a child custody evaluation must be commenced.”

She added:

“I do not agree to have the children and ourselves be subjected to a prolonged and expensive child custody evaluation if it’s based on the speculation and conjecture of the petitioner’s suspicions. Petitioner says he believes the kids are suffering serious emotional harm but show no proof of any symptoms experienced by our girls to support those accusations.”

Alice adds that the girls are NOT experiencing depression, anxiety, self-harm, or any other signs of emotional harm.

But also, we have to ask: if they were suffering depression, how would one be able to tell what was caused by their mom and what was caused by, you know, their dad deciding to choose a young actress over their mom, breaking up their family, and essentially kicking them out of their home?

Another question: if he thought she was so abusive, why is it he left the kids with her all the time when he was going from job to job all over the world? Their whole lives, Ioan continued his career as a working actor while Alice became a stay-at-home mom. Did he think she was dangerous and abusive — but it was chill if it meant he could still go act in movies like before he was a dad?

Alice continued in her defense, maintaining she doesn’t try to sway them against their dad — he does that all on his own by not taking an interest in them:

“I do not talk to them about the case. I am subject to and under the orders of this court to stay away from and have no contact with petitioner and I have respected that to the letter. Petitioner has his visitation schedule and has the ability to freely call the kids but has for whatever reason not done so. Given his silence and lack of effort to have a relationship with the children, I do not believe petitioner has shown a need or urgency for appointment of a child custody evaluator.”

Seriously, who doesn’t call their kids for three months?? Does he actually want custody? Or does he just want to “win” against his ex?? Just wondering.

Ioan got his hearing for August 17. We’ll have to see what happens. What sense do YOU get from this case, Perezcious parents??

[Image via MEGA/WENN/Alice Evans/Instagram.]

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