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Whoa!! 72-Year-Old Andrew Lloyd Webber Taking Part In Experimental Coronavirus Vaccine Trial!

Andrew Lloyd Webber is taking part in the experimental coronavirus vaccine study to help save live theater!

Andrew Lloyd Webber is doing whatever it takes!

The world-renowned composer is 72 years old and still passionate about doing what he believes in, as evidenced by his social media updates on both Twitter and Instagram this week!

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On Thursday, the English-born Baron shared a pic showing a nurse injecting him with a needle while both parties wore personal protective equipment. In the pic, Webber can be seen wearing a black shirt with #SaveOurStages written across the front of it — and as he himself explained in the caption, that’s exactly what he was doing!

“Just completed the Oxford Covid-19 vaccine trial,” he wrote along with the snap of him getting injected, evidently with that experimental vaccine. The living legend added:

“I’ll do anything to get theatres large and small open again and actors and musicians back to work.”

Both brave AND inspiring, as you can see (below):


This follows an update from the previous day, where the theater lover first released notice to fans that he’d be participating in the study to help the University of Oxford attempt to develop an experimental vaccine to combat COVID-19.

According to the BBC, thousands of people in the United Kingdom, the United States, Brazil, and South Africa have thus far volunteered to take part in the clinical trials for the vaccine, which Oxford is working on concurrently with drug company AstraZeneca. Last month, researchers announced the initial results were “promising,” and have since been working on expanding the trial at a higher dose, and to thousands more people — which is where Webber apparently joined up this week to help things along!

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For his part, the CATS composer is more than willing to help find a vaccine for the novel coronavirus — both for humanity in general and specifically, as he noted, for theater workers, musicians, actors, and others who have been adversely affected by the long-term shutdown of live theaters across the world. The faster a viable vaccine is in play, it stands to reason, the quicker we can all get back to life and work — thespians included! We’re all optimistic that New York’s Broadway and London’s West End can soon return to “normal” after this trying time!

Twitter users were quick to praise and thank the world-famous artist, with one writing in response (below):

“Thank you! You are a person of creativity full of action.Your focused will is incredible. Your dream of theatres being opened will happen. You are not giving up no matter what obstacles have come up. These will fall away and you will have what you want! It happens! It will work.”

Here’s hoping!!!

Another person tweeted more support, adding:

“I really admire how you actually act in order to support what you believe. Most of the people only talk much but do little. Keep my fingers crossed that the vaccine works. Stay safe.”


Here’s to Webber and those like him willing to participate in this experimental trial! And here’s hoping it leads to results so we can quickly and safely quell this pandemic!! Any more thoughts on this one, Perezcious readers?! Share yours down in the comments (below)!

[Image via WENN/Instar/Twitter]

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