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Lauryn Hill Responds To Daughter's Abuse Allegations, Compares Her Parenting Struggles To Being Hunted By Nazis?!

Lauryn Hill responds to daughter's abuse claims

When it comes to celebs, there’s a lot that goes on behind closed doors the public doesn’t know about — which is why Lauryn Hill says no one could fully understand why she was so strict — and sometimes violent — while raising her daughter.

As we reported, Selah Marley posted a video on Instagram this week in which she revealed intimate details from her childhood; including how she was raised by her “very angry” Grammy winning mother, who she claimed disciplined her by whipping her with belts, even calling it “some slave owner s**t.” Naturally, Selah’s vid got a ton of media attention, which caused the 21-year-old to drop a follow-up video defending her parents and attempting to explain the nuances of the situation.

Now, Ms. Hill has spoken out about the matter, too, and she wants fans to know that she raised her daughter to protect her from the “wolves and sharks” that had come out of the woodwork after the legendary singer sold her first hit record.

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In a message on her Facebook page, the Doo Wop hitmaker told fans she spoke with her daughter after the Instagram video and they discussed their feelings. She wrote:

“I discussed with Selah what it must have been like having a child while being hunted by nazis, or what it was like for the children of runaway slaves. The child just being a child puts her and everyone else’s lives in jeopardy. Keeping the child quiet to escape the danger is ALSO saving the child’s life! Imagine that.”

Wait, wait, wait… is she comparing being a celebrity mom to being hunted by Nazis or slave owners?? Come on, that’s a bit much…

“When I realized that the pressure on me was so incredibly hypocritical and unfair, criminal even, that even my children weren’t allowed to be children, I stepped away. I wasn’t removed, I STEPPED AWAY. Weening myself and my family from the addictions that systems of control attempt to use through fame and celebrity is no joke.”

The notoriously private artist went on to explain that she was trying to keep her child “sober minded” so the many vultures she’s had to deal with throughout her career wouldn’t “seduce and bribe” Selah in an effort to exploit Lauryn.

She continued:

“It’s painful and people were not above using my children to keep exploiting me. Keeping a child sober minded in the midst of everyone trying to seduce and bribe and coerce is an incredibly challenging thing to do. Sell a few million copies of a recording and see the wolves and sharks for yourself before you determine what’s appropriate and what’s not. The danger was REAL! And this danger I faced alone, unsupported as I should have been, and dumped on by the same people who only a few years before built a fortune off the same gifts they later tried to deny and then COPY.”

Lauryn then insisted that her “life has been about protecting my children from all kinds of danger, and that’s only possible when you protect yourself from the danger as well,” adding of her daughter:

“Selah is on a road to healing and contextualizing her childhood, and is allowed her process, but if you come for me, come for your own mama, and those absent fathers—come for them too, your grandparents, your great grand parents, your great great grand parents, your great great great grand parents, Caribbean parents, African parents and everyone else damaged and judged for being black and forced to conform and assimilate to western standards of ‘order’ shaped through the filter and lens of anti-blackness.”

The 45-year-old noted that she and her daughter are currently healing their relationship with each other, sharing:

“Selah and I speak often and she knows we are both working through our stuff—the exploitation, the abandonment, the mistreatment and the muzzling of our own gifts and intelligence to make it more comfortable for others, which is a big mistake to do, it can ONLY lead to implosion or explosion. We’re both learning and healing, and each of my children has a similar story and journey. All of you in a rush to crucify someone, careful who you string up or nail up. You might have an extremely limited view of the actual reality. We all hate abuse and exploitation, sometimes in an effort to fight against it we can easily become the abuser, the exploiter, and THIS is what we have to watch for. No one is exempt from needing to watch themselves in this way.”

She added of her other children with entrepreneur Rohan Marley, that is Zion, John, Sarah, Micah, and Joshua:

“My children are strong-willed and powerful, better I discipline them at home than have them shot down in the streets or locked up. They are not necessarily passive people, and they’re also learning how to navigate a world full of beauty but also full of danger. This was in no way easy to do as a single parent battling a public attack for not conforming, and single-handedly financially responsible for so many. My children’s families on both Hill and Marley sides have been hunted and persecuted for speaking out against and challenging the social, political, economic and spiritual dynamics that require a terroristic fear be put in Black people in order to control them. “

Wow. Sounds like we only know a fraction of what was going on in the music icon’s life. Still, disciplining a child with violence is never okay! And it kind of sounds like she’s blaming anyone but herself here…

What do U think about Lauryn’s response, Perezcious readers?

[Image via JLN Photography/WENN/Selah Marley/Instagram.]

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