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Angelina Jolie VS Winona Ryder On The Girl, Interrupted Set -- Elisabeth Moss Spills The Tea!

Angelina Jolie Feud Winona Ryder Girl Interrupted Set Elisabeth Moss

Girl, Interrupted is one of those classics where it’s hard to imagine getting together such a star-studded cast. But it turns out there actually was maybe too much star power for one movie? The way one of the film’s stars talks about it two decades on, it sounds like Angelina Jolie and Winona Ryder were rival girl gang leaders on set!

Elisabeth Moss was only 15 or 16 when she played schizophrenic burn victim Polly in the Oscar-winning film. Speaking about the experience on the Let’s Talk Off Camera With Kelly Ripa podcast Wednesday, the Invisible Man star remembered it like “being dropped into The Wizard Of Oz”:

“We were shooting in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I was with all these movie stars. It was Winona Ryder! And Angelina Jolie!”

Meanwhile she was just a kid — still being brought to set by her mom. So no wonder she was in awe of the film’s stars! Well, awe and fear in the case of Angie…

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The way she tells it, there were sort of warring factions:

“There were two camps. There was the Winona Ryder camp and the Angelina Jolie camp.”

Because it was “based on what was on camera” and more of Elisabeth’s scenes were with Winona, she was in that camp, and they “became kind of good friends.” As for Angie? She and was mostly scared of the then-24-year-old!

“I was so intimidated by the Angelina Jolie camp. I had no thoughts of ever being able to be in that camp. It was so cool. It was all the cool girls.”

We guess the personality clash onscreen was kinda real, too! Huh! We wonder if Angie and Winona ever got along IRL after the movie was done filming…

As for Elisabeth, she told Kelly years later she did speak with Angelina and found the conversation to be “lovely.” But she’ll never forget how “at the time, it was just incredibly intimidating.” Kelly asked if she brought up the whole warring camps thing when she met Angie again. The Handmaid’s Tale star said:

“I never brought it up. I’m sure she would have no idea what I was talking about anyway.”

Right, Angie probably never even thought about it! But you can’t blame Elisabeth! Who wouldn’t be intimidated by Angelina Jolie, especially in that role? And flanked by Angela Bettis and Clea DuVall?? Cool girls indeed!

Anyway, which camp would you be in?? Are you a Winona Ryder girl or an Angelina Jolie type?

[Image via Sony Pictures/Vanity Fair/YouTube.]

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