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Watch Angelina Jolie Smash Salma Hayek’s Face Into A Birthday Cake!!

Watch Angelina Jolie Shove Salma Hayek’s Face Into A Birthday Cake!!

Can’t break tradition!

Angelina Jolie isn’t afraid to pie someone’s face — even if it’s their birthday — for a special ritual!

On Thursday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Salma Hayek revealed that some of the cast and crew from the Marvel’s Eternals set surprised her with a 55th birthday party (even though she didn’t want one after working all day). One of the 25 people that showed up for the early September celebration was Jolie — who ended up helping complete a very unique Mexican tradition called mordida.

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Salma happily recounted the moment, telling Jimmy Kimmel:

“After you blow the candles, ‘mordida’ means a bite. You have to bite the cake with your mouth without your hands holding or anything, and then there’s always one that comes and hits you and sticks your face inside the cake.”

The 46-year-old was initially hesitant to smash the Frida lead into the sweet treat, but she got over that quickly! The Fools Rush In alum added:

“This time Angelina came and we were starting [to chant] ‘mordida!’ And she was like, ‘What’s happening?’ We told her that I was going to bite and that the tradition was [to push Salma’s head in the cake], and she said, ‘Oh no, no I cannot do that.’ She got over it.”

LOLz!! She really did — watch the Maleficent star shove her friend’s face into the dessert (below)!

So fun!! Though probably not the best b-day tradition during COVID times… LOLz!

[Image via Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube & WENN/Avalon]

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