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Ariana Madix Catches Tom Sandoval In A Lie! Vanderpump Rules Recap HERE!

Ariana Madix Catches Tom Sandoval In A Lie On Vanderpump Rules! Recap HERE!

The lies are starting to catch up to Tom Sandoval as the Vanderpump Rules finale approaches!

For those who don’t recall, there has been chatter over whether the business owner had lied to his then-girlfriend Ariana Madix when she found out her grandmother Bonnie passed away last year. The speculation began when Jax Taylor shared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen that he saw Sandoval and Raquel Leviss hanging out together at a friend’s Labor Day party — and he refused to leave when Ariana told him her grandma died:

“They were together and I don’t remember but I think Ariana called him and said, ‘Hey, my grandmother passed away or got sick.’ He didn’t go home — he didn’t leave. He used the fact that he couldn’t get an Uber. Meanwhile, people were coming in and out of the house all day long.”

Disgusting if true!

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A source close to Sandoval previously told Us Weekly that Jax’s accusation was inaccurate, claiming the former friends haven’t hung out together in over a year. But when a fan account reminded everyone of these terrible claims, Scheana Shay seemed to confirm what happened and replied:

“Oh just wait til you see this play out in the next episode.”

Well, viewers finally got to learn what actually happened on the new episode of Vanderpump Rules on Wednesday — and it turned out Ariana DID catch her man lying to her!

In the episode, Lala Kent goes into detective mode while talking with James Kennedy about Ken Todd‘s shocking confession that Raquel slept over at Ariana and Sandoval’s home while the 37-year-old was away for her grandmother’s funeral. The editors were clearly working overtime here because we see several conversations during a flashback where the Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras frontman told James, Lisa Vanderpump, and Brock Davies that the 28-year-old “dipped out” after the pair hung out in his hot tub with Tom Schwartz.

But when Raquel told LVP she actually slept over at Sandoval’s house, he got into a sticky situation. He basically explained to Lisa and his friends that by “dipped out” he’d meant she got out of the hot tub and went inside to crash for the night. Both Sandoval and Raquel swear nothing happened. Hmm… It sounded like a way for him to cover his tracks in order to not look suspicious or like a liar. But Lala wasn’t buying his explanations!

She then brought up what happened the day Ariana learned of her grandma’s death. The scene cut to the 32-year-old with Lisa, Katie Maloney, and Kristina Kelly at SUR, where she recalled a “furious” Ariana had called Sandoval while at the Labor Day party, and he promised to head home right away. However, that’s not what happened! He didn’t leave the barbecue for another two hours, according to Lala:

“And he was with Raquel — all day long.”

UGH! That is beyond sketchy of him! We’re talking about the woman’s grandmother!

While Ariana insisted elsewhere in the episode that she wasn’t bothered by the sleepover debacle, Lala determined there was “only one logical conclusion” for the weird behavior:

“I think Sandoval has a thing for Raquel.”

She was so close! If only she’d leaned into that suspicion…

And as Vanderpump Rules fans know, Lala wasn’t going to let this issue slide! Later in the episode, she caught up with Ariana at an event for Kristina’s brand, Heartspring, and they talked about the loss of the author’s grandmother. This led Lala to mention the Labor Day party situation:

“I was at that barbecue. Tom came up to me and was like, ‘Ariana’s really mad at me right now.’”

Ariana noted that Sandoval told her that he was unable to get a ride because his friend Jason had already left the bash, leaving him without a way to get home to be with her at the time. But Lala claimed that wasn’t true! She fired back:

“No, he did know. I was sitting there.”

Rather than getting into an argument with Lala, Ariana called over Sandoval to address the different narratives. She asked:

“So Jason said he was leaving the party and then you said ‘No, I’m actually gonna stay?’ And then you chose to stay longer? I found out my grandma died, like, while you were there. You knew about that, and then Jason said, ‘I’m gonna leave,’ and then you said, ‘I’m gonna stay?’”

After a long pause, Sandoval started to come clean, saying:

“Well… Yeah, I kind of figured you wanted to be alone.”

What?! She literally asked you to come home to be with her after hearing the horribly painful news! Ariana went on to say in a confessional:

“When my dad passed away 10 years ago, we weren’t even together then. And he thought it was like such a huge priority that he drop everything and be there for me. We’ve been together now for eight-and-a-half years and somehow somewhere it feels like maybe he just doesn’t think I’m as important anymore. I don’t know.”

Just heartbreaking. After Sandoval admitted he “should’ve” gone home to Ariana (ya think?!), Ariana commented that Lala wanted to know why Sandoval didn’t leave the party with Jason. When the Give Them Lala podcast host insisted she wasn’t the one who needed to know since she’s not in a relationship with him, Sandoval went on the defensive. Shocker. He clapped back at Lala, saying:

“At that point, I couldn’t get a f**king car.”

However, Lala said she was standing right there when Sandoval could have left with Jason. Asking for clarity on what happened again, Ariana noted:

“You said you didn’t know Jason left because you were taking a s**t.”

Realizing he was caught, the bartender sighed and slipped into a look of defeat. His girlfriend exclaimed:

“You realize you put me in a position with this where people will think that I’m the f**king idiot. Everyone thinks that you just wanted to hang out there for a few hours.”

Lala confirmed what happened, adding:

“That’s definitely what I think because that’s definitely what I saw.”

In a confessional, Ariana came to the realization she just wasn’t the number one person in Sandoval’s life right now, saying:

“I choose Tom over everyone, like, ‘I ride or die for you.’ So I look like an idiot being Tom’s number one stan when he’s not mine.”

And right at this moment, he was a “stan” for Raquel as viewers witnessed him hyping her up A LOT in the episode early on. Awful. Ariana deserves more than someone who will repeatedly lie to her — especially when she was grieving the loss of a loved one. Gross.

Reactions to the episode, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below!

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