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Kristen Doute Claims 'Trash' Tom Sandoval Slept With 'Multiple' People, Tells Raquel Leviss 'To Flee The Country,' & Bashes Lisa Vanderpump!

Kristen Doute Claims Tom Sandoval Slept With 'Multiple' People Amid Ariana Madix Romance & Tells Raquel Leviss 'To Flee The Country'!

Kristen Doute is calling out Tom Sandoval ahead of her big return to Vanderpump Rules!!

On Wednesday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the reality star got candid about the cheating scandal, how it differs from her own history with infidelity, and took a moment to slam Lisa Vanderpump!

For starters, the 40-year-old alleged Raquel Leviss was far from the only woman the TomTom co-owner slept with amid his nearly 10-year relationship with Ariana Madix. She dished:

“Since the Raquel news broke, I have heard of multiple things now coming out of the woodwork.”


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While she doesn’t know any of the women “personally,” she suggested one of the hooks up occurred *potentially* somewhat recently:

“When he and [Tom] Schwartz specifically were doing appearances together, a friend of a friend hooked up with him.”

The last time the Toms were doing press together was right around the time the scandal broke! So, was he cheating on TWO women at the same time?! Well, it’s hard to know since the friends have done tons of “appearances together” over the years, so it’s hard to tell when Kristen was referring to. She did get more specific about another instance, though. Similarly to Jax Taylor, the clothing designer believes Sandoval cheated “years ago” after a boys’ trip to Miami. As for the fact Tom was having a months-long affair with Raquel, she was “completely shocked” by the news — but, looking back, it was easy to put the puzzle pieces together:

“What I thought was [Tom] Schwartz and that girl Jo [Wenberg] were hanging out and they were the only friends they had. But it did make me think it was a little weird, like, this looks like a double date.”

The Bravo personality then slammed some fans’ opinions that Ariana deserves this considering she made out with the Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras frontman back when he was still dating Kristen. She argued:

“Nobody else’s opinion matters. It is not the same thing. She didn’t deserve it, not at all.”

When she was asked what she thought about the way Tom has been talking about Raquel compared to how he used to talk about Ariana when she was the other woman, Kristen mused:

“Verbatim. There was like a TikTok some girl did where she did it side-by-side from like the reunion pasts where Tom and Ariana were first together, and like, ‘magnetic,’ ‘we kissed,’ ‘the sunrise,’ and blah blah blah. It was verbatim, the same thing!”

Yeesh! Not a good look!

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As for the bar owner’s claims that he tried to call it quits with the actress ahead of the affair, but she wouldn’t let him out of the relationship, she quipped:

“If you want to break up, break up.”

Amen! The He’s Making You Crazy author added:

“Why can’t you say, ‘I’m sorry, I’m a trash human being?’ Then when you’re better, show it with your actions.”

First Tom would have to truly own up to his mistakes, and he hasn’t proven to be very good at that yet! Sigh. In the after-show segment, Kristen even advised the SUR waitress to “just flee the country” amid this crisis, noting:

“No, I don’t think Ariana should forgive Raquel and I don’t think that she will. I think she will forgive her for herself but not for Raquel.”

As for her former boss, Lisa Vanderpump, Kristen had a HOT take on her, too! As you’ll recall, Kristen was a founding member of the cast until she and Stassi Schroeder were axed in June 2020 over allegations of past racially insensitive behavior toward their former co-star Faith Stowers. And while she’s briefly returning in the season finale to support Ariana, she hasn’t forgiven Lisa. She joked the RHOBH alum could “suck a d**k,” noting:

“I’m a pawn in her chess game and I’m over it.”


Check out her spicy WWHL appearance (below):

Reactions?? Let us know YOUR hot takes (below)!

[Image via WWHL/Bravo/YouTube]

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