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Ashton Kutcher Is The Latest To Defend Ellen DeGeneres, Says She 'Never Pandered To Celebrity' & Immediately Gets Called Out By Fans!

Ashton Kutcher comes to Ellen DeGeneres' defense amid her ongoing toxic workplace controversy!

Is Ashton Kutcher serious right now?

The former That ’70s Show star is the latest celeb to come out in defense of Ellen DeGeneres, and his take on her allegedly toxic workplace behavior is truly something to behold for all the wrong reasons.

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The 42-year-old actor and business investor took to Twitter on Monday night to give his hot take on the controversies surrounding The Ellen Show. In his tweet on the matter, Kutcher made the jaw-dropping claim that Ellen “never pandered to celebrity” while she has “only treated me & my team w/respect & kindness,” as you can see (below):

It’s a nice statement in principle, and we get that he’s trying to be honest after having good personal experiences on the show, but “never pandered to celebrity”? Seriously? That’s literally her entire job, dude! It’s also a little frustrating to think how the Cheaper by the Dozen star has any idea what it’s like working with Ellen on a day-to-day basis for months or years on end. Easy to have a good experience with her when you pop in for a single show once every few years!

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And beyond that, whether or not the Butterfly Effect star might think she’s pandering, it’s a given that of course she’s going to treat celebrities differently than her producers and high-level staff allegedly treated low-level staffers with no power, no influence, and no voice to raise concerns behind the scenes! That’s the whole point of how power and influence to maintain systems of inequality and misconduct!

To his credit, Kutcher replied a few times when some of his followers clued him in to these facts, though he still doesn’t seem to understand “my team” is simply a proxy for himself (a celebrity, with power and influence) and thus vastly different from, say, a production assistant or an intern:

So close… And yet so far…

Ashton isn’t the only one!

Want to feel even more frustrated?

Us Weekly is reporting that the embattled 62-year-old TV host and comedian’s high-profile celeb friends are circling the wagons around her behind closed doors right now. The report name drops Jennifer AnistonMario Lopez, and Justin Timberlake as being among those A-list stars “on her side,” with an insider adding:

“Ellen’s nice to guests and fans, but with her staff and employees, she has extremely high standards. … They [her celeb friends] know that Ellen can be tough but accept that about her and know that it takes a lot of work to run a tight ship like her show. They get it.”

Well isn’t that sweet? A bunch of out-of-touch, insanely wealthy and influential world-famous celebrities want to support one of their own! Thanks, Captain Obvious…

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Look, we’re not trying to blast every celeb who has ever had a nice interaction with the New Orleans native while on her show, but it’s just… the experiences of the rich, powerful, and influential (and their “teams”) are entirely different than day-to-day life for the staffers, PAs, and interns stuck on the lowest rung of the proverbial ladder. Maybe these celebs need to understand that their coming forward in this manner isn’t helpful, and may do more to hurt those most vulnerable who (until now!) have had no voice on so many issues.

Just saying! Are we crazy, Perezcious readers? Or on to something? Or both?! LOLz! Seriously, though, sound off with your take on Ellen — and her celeb defenders — down in the comment section (below)!

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