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Mila Kunis Made Ashton Kutcher Sell His Ticket On Virgin Rocket -- Would YOU Let Your Spouse Go??

Ashton Kutcher was going to be on a Virgin Galactic flight... until Mila Kunis talked some sense into him!

Ashton Kutcher was this close to going to space… until Mila Kunis talked some sense into him that is!

The That 70s Show actress reminded her former co-star (and hubby and baby daddy) that he’s got a family with young children at home, and maybe space travel isn’t the smartest thing to be doing at this point in his life!

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In a new interview with Cheddar News, Ashton revealed that he had intended to follow up Richard Branson‘s historic flight into outer space with a ticket on the next rocket sent to reach the heavens. But all that came crashing down when Mila stepped up with common sense!

Ashton explained (below):

“When I got married and had kids, my wife basically encouraged that it was not a smart family decision to be heading into space when we have young children. So, I ended up selling my ticket back to Virgin Galactic. I was supposed to be on the next flight, but I will not be on the next flight. [But] at some point, I am going to space.”

OK then!

Ch-ch-check out that inneresting exchange (below):


It does bring up an interesting thought, though: would YOUR spouse allow you to go to outer space right now? And/or would you allow them??

Sound OFF with your takes on this tech talk down in the comments (below)!

[Image via Drew Altizier/WENN]

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Jul 16, 2021 14:50pm PDT