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Aubrey O'Day Says She First Hooked Up With Donald Trump Jr. IN A GAY CLUB!!!

Aubrey O'Day Claims The First Time She Had Sex With Donald Trump Jr. Was WHERE?!

According to Aubrey O’Day, the first time she had sex with Donald Trump Jr. was in a spot his anti-LGBT right-wing followers are going to have a LOT of questions about…

The Danity Kane singer popped up on the latest episode of Michael Cohen‘s Mea Culpa podcast to chat about former president Donald Trump‘s oldest son. Yes, if you are wondering, that is the very same Michael Cohen… after doing prison time for Trump, the former fixer is now in the business of dishing dirt on the ex-President. This week’s dirt? Aubrey giving downright salacious deets of her affair with DJTJ.

For those who don’t recall, WE got the exclusive scoop on the hookup (and then other outlets sent it out an hour later like it was their own)! Don Jr. allegedly had an extramarital affair with Aubrey, who was a Celebrity Apprentice contestant in 2012. Supposedly, he was “aggressive” in his pursuit, lying to her about his marriage being over and telling her he loved her. Real sketchy stuff. It almost led to his divorce! (That would come a few years later.)

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It was the type of scandal that would sink a reputable celeb — but these are the Trumps, people assume they’re cheating on their taxes and their spouses. Their fans just don’t care. But now there’s a detail Trump’s base may actually have a problem with…

On Cohen’s podcast this week, O’Day claimed she first hooked up with the ex-Prez’s son AT A GAY CLUB in New York City!!!

Yes, really! The MAGA-loving fomenter of anti-LGBT hate was allegedly hitting up gay clubs more than a decade ago and having sex in the bathroom with pop stars! My, what a reversal from his family’s actions and supposed beliefs today…

Recalling how she and Don Jr. first got together, Aubrey recalled:

“I was hosting a gay club and our first time going out together — he wanted to see me so bad — and I told him, ‘well, I’m gonna be at a gay club tonight.'”

She explained the setting:

“So Don shows up to the gay club. And I’m talking about this is one of the biggest gay parties in New York, it’s a huge f**king club. Everybody was in a g-string or less.”

Sounds hot!

The irony of that past moment relative to Don Jr.’s hard-right turn today has very much not been lost on the ex-MTV star. She told Cohen:

“I looked at his Instagram for the first time in years and saw all kinds of jokes belittling the gay community … and I thought to myself, ‘Man, you were super comfortable in that gay club.'”

Ha! How comfortable was he, tho, Aubrey?? She then went right on to reveal the most crucial detail of them all:

“In fact, so comfortable that we ended up going to the bathroom and, for the first time, had sex in a gay club bathroom.”


From hanging out in gay clubs and having sex in bathrooms with g-string wearing LGBT folks all around to… going all-in on the Republicans’ current-day war against gay spaces, queer people, and general human decency. Make it make sense, Don Jr.!!!

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In fact, it’s that dichotomy that has really thrown O’Day for a loop. Reflecting during Mea Culpa how she once felt as though she and Don Jr. were “soulmates,” the singer concluded:

“You know what a bleeding-heart liberal I am, and you know how I’m a social justice warrior since I was born and raised by one. There is no way that I could have ever loved somebody like what we see today. So that goes to show you how much transformation or potential posturing the man is doing or has done since the man that I would call my soulmate.”

That’s real AF right there. And sad, TBH. But people change! We just wish they didn’t change for the worse like Don Jr. apparently did. Or maybe this was who he was for real all along? It does seem plausible he was lying to Aubrey about who he really was — and how single he was.

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Let’s not forget, while he was having sex with a singer in a gay club bathroom, his wife and kids were at home. So maybe, just maybe, he never believed in anything? Not the hate now, not the love then, it’s all a lie? Because all he believes in is how he can profit? Either in the wallet or elsewhere in the pants?? Something to think about…

Anyways, per Page Six, Donald Trump Jr. — who has “never addressed the affair” allegations — did not respond to requests for a comment about O’Day’s jaw-dropping podcast remarks. We’re thinking he probably won’t ever address them.

Still, the rest of the world is now talking about it!! And now you can, too! What do U make of this alleged gay club sex shocker, Perezcious readers?? Sound OFF with your thoughts down in the comments (below)…

[Image via Nicky Nelson/WENN/KENS 5 News/YouTube]

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