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Aubrey O'Day Has A VERY Strong Reaction To Diddy's Homes Getting Raided By The Feds!

Aubrey O'Day Has A VERY Strong Reaction To Diddy's Homes Getting Raided By The Feds!

Hours after news broke that Diddy‘s homes in Miami and Beverly Hills were being raided by the Department of Homeland Security and other law enforcement agencies, Aubrey O’Day wasted no time in speaking out!

The former Danity Kane member took to her Instagram Stories on Monday to share a long series of messages about Diddy, the situation, and her former time in the Making The Band universe that vaulted her to musical relevance back in the day.

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It all started with O’Day sharing a link to a news report about the raids on Diddy’s homes. In that Stories slide, she wrote:

“What you sow, you shall reap. I pray this emboldens all of US victims to finally speak on what we have endured.”

Wow. And a notable use of “we” there, of course. Which she would go deeper on not long after that!! Then, her next slide showed a video of the late rapper Tupac Shakur doing a celebratory dance while she wrote this cryptic comment regarding the Diddy drama:

“There is no ‘too soon’ on this one, just ‘too late.'”

She then posted a slide re-sharing reports of Diddy’s private jet flying around the US and heading off to the Caribbean island nation of Antigua and Barbuda. As we’ve reported, it is unclear if Diddy himself was actually on the jet — but that didn’t stop Aubrey from slamming the sight of the jet fleeing American soil:

“you know it’s bad when you sprinting to Barbuda? I don’t even know the local animal there?”

(It was actually Antigua, and not Barbuda, but point taken!) She then cryptically referenced her own past claims about Diddy and lamented how nobody listened to her back then regarding her unsettling allegations and stories long ago:

“Respectfully, I’ve been telling y’all this for 2 decades, and did anyone listen? No.”


Next, she shared a re-post from the rapper 50 Cent — who has had his own long-running feud with Diddy — that erroneously claimed the embattled music mogul’s private jet was flying to the island nation of Cape Verde off the coast of Africa. Along with 50 Cent’s flight path post, O’Day wrote:

“old boy said it first… it gets ‘dark and lonely’! Some people stand on business.. and some use the money they robbed from decades of their artist’s pockets to flee the country. I know I’m not on a pj [private jet] having the pilot hitting U turns left and right trying to find a landing spot with a non-extradition treaty. I said what I said.”

First off, Diddy’s plane was not flying to Cape Verde. So, that report was wrong — even though it was a mega-viral rumor flying around on X (Twitter) for a while on Monday afternoon.

Also, even though Cape Verde and the United States do not have a formal extradition treaty, the two countries still extradite suspects based on reciprocity. It’s technical and diplomatic, but basically, Cape Verde would theoretically extradite a suspect to the US if they believed the Americans would do the same for them under similar circumstances. And not only that, but both nations have agreed to the United Nations‘ conventions on fighting crime internationally. So, extradition likely wouldn’t be held up. But that’s a lot of words on a moot point, since Diddy’s plane didn’t even go to Cape Verde! Just wanted to shut down some rumors! LOLz!!

Anyways, you can see some of Aubrey’s posts (below):

Aubrey O'Day Has A VERY Strong Reaction To Diddy's Homes Getting Raided By The Feds!
/ (c) Aubrey O’Day/Instagram
Aubrey O'Day Has A VERY Strong Reaction To Diddy's Homes Getting Raided By The Feds!
/ (c) Aubrey O’Day/Instagram

She really went in on him! But again, O’Day has been calling out Diddy for a while. Looks like the moment might have finally caught up to her warning calls. Reactions, y’all?? Share ’em in the comments (below)!

[Image via Nicky Nelson/MEGA/WENN]

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