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Avril Says Her Piece!

Like Britney and her “roll,” Avril Lavigne is speaking her “piece.”
Faced with a lawsuit and other allegations that she’s a hack, the Canadian just posted the following message on her website:
To my dear media, friends, and fans,
You may have heard some news that two guys who wrote for some band from the 1970s I have never in my life heard of called the “Rubinoos” are trying to sue me. They have a song called “I Want To Be Your Boyfriend” that has no musical similarities to the song “Girlfriend” that Luke Gottwald and I wrote together. They claim that a small part of the lyrics are the same and are saying that I took these from them. I had never heard this song in my life and their claim is based on 5 words! All songs share similar lyrics and emotions. As humans we speak one language.
Off the top of my head, two other songs that I can immediately think of with this type of lyric are “Hey, hey, you, you get off of my cloud” by the Rolling Stones and “Hey little girl I want to be your boyfriend” by the Ramones. Simply put, I have been falsely accused of ripping their song off. Luke and I have done nothing wrong and there is no merit to their claim.
And slap in the face #2
I was going to be the bigger person and not reply when I read Chantal Kreviazuk’s article in Performing Songwriter magazine. Now that all the media have caught on to her little interview, I need to speak. Chantal’s comments are damaging to my reputation and a clear defamation of my character and I am considering taking legal action. Chantal has accused me of taking a song idea from her because I happen to have a song on my new record with the same title.
For the record, I wrote a song with Evan Taubenfeld which coincidentally has the same title as a song Chantal had sent me a few years ago. Our songs have no similarities and opposite meanings, i.e. different lyrics, different melody, different genres. In Chantal’s own words “the only similarity is in the title.” I originally wrote this with Evan for his record and I ended up with it. Funny enough when I decided to put “Contagious” on my album we had to change the words from “she” to “he” in order for it to work on my record. There are hundreds of songs out there with the title “Contagious,” 75+ on iTunes alone.
Chantal has also made false accusations about my writing skills. I am so over this topic. This letter is not about this. I am not going to sit here and defend my writing skills. I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. I know who I am and what I have done and accomplished and no one can take that away from me.
My decision to discontinue working with Chantal after co-writing together on my second record was simply based on the fact that we had no hits together. That is why her name is not on this record, despite her numerous attempts to be included, which were always denied. From my perspective this is a clear case of bitterness. Chantal is upset that she didn’t get to be a part of my record. She did email me after the article came out apologizing and I forgive her but I have to put the truth out there so my fans are not confused by these false accusations.
Let it be crystal clear that I have not ripped anyone off or done anything wrong. I have never had to deal with anything publicly like this and surely never wanted to. I do not deserve this negative press and attention. I take pride in the songs that I write and appreciate the opportunities to work with some great writers and musicians.
My fans have been so dedicated to my music and it is because of them that I have this amazing career. Thank you again to my fans for continuing to be so supportive. This is a very positive time for me in my life. I have a very successful career and I feel very lucky to have accomplished all that I have. I am so thankful every day.
I would like to say more but my lawyers have advised me not to. Why is it when you get to a certain level people want to attack you?…. and now I have said my piece.
[Images via Celebrity Babylon.]

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Jul 06, 2007 18:58pm PDT

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