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Bam Margera's New Girlfriend SHUT DOWN Loved Ones' Intervention After Most Recent Arrest!

Bam Margera's Loved Ones Attempted Intervention After Most Recent Arrest -- As Scary New Problems Come Up

Bam Margera‘s friends have been very worried about him — and earlier this month, they tried to get him help.

As we’ve been reporting, the former Jackass star is facing new legal problems after allegedly assaulting his brother at his family’s Pennsylvania home this past weekend. But before that, when Bam was back on the west coast, his closest friends tried to put a stop to his downward spiral — they staged an intervention for him.

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According to TMZ, Bam’s “longtime friends” organized an intervention earlier this month in San Diego. The MTV alum was down there in the days after his recent arrest at the end of March in the city of Burbank for public intoxication. Worried pals chose to set up the meeting and confront the 43-year-old television star about his unsettling behavior and ongoing struggles with addiction. Ultimately, they were hoping to get him back into a rehab facility, which they brought up during the intervention.

Sadly, the confrontation quickly went awry. According to sources who spoke to the outlet, Bam “seemed receptive at first” — but they hit a couple road blocks, the first of which was his girlfriend. Apparently Bam’s current gal, Jessica, with whom he’s been staying after splitting from his wife, was not interested in having him go to rehab. Without Bam around, say the outlet’s sources, she felt she’d have nowhere to live and was worried for her own future.

Yes, btw, if you’ve been following Bam’s troubles, this is the same girlfriend who called the cops on Bam just last month, calling him her “husband,” saying he had violently kicked her. He was arrested on corporal injury charges.

Then, the intervention got even more tangled when Bam’s estranged wife Nikki Boyd called in to be part of it by telephone. With the whole group listening, she reportedly told Bam that she would be willing to let him back into his son Phoenix‘s life if he got sober and got his life back on track. A positive development, right? But sources told TMZ that this statement “upset the girlfriend” even worse — and she “kicked everyone out” of the house, thereby ending the intervention early.


We’re sure this is all uncomfortable, but is she really going to stop him from getting the help he needs? This relationship is sounding horribly toxic to us…

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Per the outlet, this intervention went down days after Bam was arrested on public intoxication charges in Burbank very late last month. In that situation, cops were called to a disturbance at a restaurant where Bam and Nikki were eating. After questioning the Viva La Bam alum, officers took him into custody on the misdemeanor charge. Clearly, that unfortunate moment set off Bam’s friends to push for help — but it sounds like it didn’t take.

Of course, Bam has other problems in his orbit right now, too. As we noted up top, he’s currently on the run from the Pennsylvania State Police after allegedly assaulting his brother, threatening to kill family members, and then fleeing into the woods outside the city of West Chester back on Sunday morning. He’s facing multiple counts of terroristic threats and assault in that case as police continue to look for him.

Whether through friends, family, or the law, we sincerely hope Bam gets the help he needs and can turn his life around to enjoy a brighter future. This is a very tough situation to watch play out.

[Image via Vice/YouTube/WENN]

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