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Bam Margera Introduces His New Girlfriend -- While Cruelly Shading The Mother Of His Child!

Bam Margera New Girlfriend Shade Ex Nikki Boyd

Well, this is just unnecessary.

Bam Margera has finally, officially introduced his Instagram followers to the new girlfriend we’ve heard so much about. But he did so in a way that, rather than just gush about his new love, really serves to trash his ex.

The Jackass alum has posted a pic with Jessica before, as it turns out, but never identified her as the GF we’ve been hearing about in recent news stories. On Friday, though, he put up a post bragging about how smart she is, showing the pair visiting The Andrew Wyeth Studio in Pennsylvania. In the photo, the new couple stand in front of a reproduction of Wyeth’s most famous painting, Christina’s World, a masterpiece at conveying the feeling of seemingly insurmountable personal struggles and anxieties.

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But Bam is still very much living in his own world where, in order to build up his new gal he has to tear down the last one. He writes:

“To sum up more s**t, for once I am not dating a hot dog strutting floozy, I met her at Glasgow, Scotland university and she has a degree in criminology.”

A “hot dog strutting floozy”? That’s what he thinks of Nikki Boyd after all the years they were together? The mother of his child? Oof. Gross.

See the post (below):

Look, we’re glad gurl has a college degree, but how is it possibly necessary to contrast her to your ex, man? So cruel and uncalled for…

We hope Jessica sees what she’s getting into — because the way a man treats his ex is a great indicator of how he’s eventually going to treat the next one. And in this case that’s not so impressive.

Speaking of red flags, note how he mentions getting “Donald Trump‘s impeachment lawyer” working for him? We’ll breeze by how sketchy that makes him look and focus on what he needed the representation for. See, he turned himself in on Thursday after his brother claimed he was on the run with Jessica and her daughter — and using meth. We’re happy he appears to be on the right side of the law for now. Hopefully his new gal’s criminology degree will help him in his own seemingly insurmountable personal struggle staying on the straight and narrow.

What do YOU think of Bam’s introduction to his new girlfriend??

[Image via Bam Margera/Nikki Boyd/Instagram.]

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