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BTW, The Guy Who Played Barney Now Runs A Tantric Sex Business

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David Joyner spent the ├óΓé¼╦£90s charming kid audiences by playing the beloved purple dinosaur Barney. Now, he’s charming consenting adults into better sex lives with his Tantric sex business called Tantra Harmony!
In an interview with Vice, the former child entertainer spoke in detail about the sessions he offers his clients (whom he calls “goddesses”), which can include ritual baths, chakra balancing, massages, and even an orgasm to release all of the blocked energy.
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At just $350 a sesh, Joyner says he “unblocks the energy” of two to four women a week.
His secret? Saying grace before tasting a goddess’, um… “nectar.” He explained:

“When you go down on a woman (orally), it should be just like you’re saying grace, like blessing the food you’re about to receive. No food in the world can compare to goddess nectar because spirit is involved. Before you taste the goddess nectar, give thanks. Say grace. I would love women to understand how powerful that energy is.”

You’re copying this all down, right?
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Joyner started practicing Tantra in the ├óΓé¼╦£80s. Even though attorneys for Barney & Friends told him he couldn’t practice it while playing the character, he revealed Tantric energy was the key to channeling Barney’s “love,” continuing:

“The energy I brought up [while] in the costume is based on the foundation of tantra, which is love. Everything stems, grows, and evolves from love. Even when you have emotionally blocked energy, the best way to remove it is to remove it with love, and then replace it with God’s divine love. Love heals and allows you to continue to grow.”

So, there you have it, kids. You were magnetically attracted to the dinosaur sensation because he was fucking with mystical tantric powers. We knew that purple dino was a freak.
To read more of Joyner’s interview with Vice, click HERE!
[Image via PBS/Tantra Harmony.]

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