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Melanie Brown (aka Scary Spice) and butt boy at the Kritik Clothing Party at Miami’s Cameo nightclub this past Saturday night.


Mel B.‘s new boyfriend, movie “producer” Stephen Belafonte, is not to be trusted, sources close to the Spice Girl reveal exclusively to

Belafonte has been driving a wedge between Mel and those close to her.

“She’s fired her assistant of a gazzilion years because of him and she’s not speaking to her MOTHER,” reveals a source very near to the star.

You should never be mean to your mother, unless she’s Dina Lohan!

Mel is also not talking to many dear friends that have questioned her relationship with the dubious player.

“Stephen’s real last name is Standsbury, but he changed it to Belafonte so that people would think he was
related to Harry,” reveals one insider. “Stephen has a very shady past!”

Be careful, Mel. We love you to bits (as we do all the Spice Girls).

Don’t get played!

[Image via Peter Richardson/Red Eye Productions.]

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Aug 06, 2007 10:04am PDT

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