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Bethenny Frankel's Way Of Staying ‘So Thin’ Sparks Controversy!

Bethenny Frankel's Way Of Staying ‘So Thin’ Sparks Controversy!

Bethenny Frankel gave some questionable tips on how she stays “so thin” — and folks online have a lot of thoughts about it!

This week, the reality star took to social media to answer how she maintains her slim figure after getting asked the question “every day.” And her responses are certainly… eyebrow-raising. While eating a snack on camera, Bethenny explains:

“How do I stay so thin? So, I pick my spots. If I know I’m going to some crazy doughnut place or hotdog place, I may not have the meal that comes before that. But I won’t not eat at all, otherwise, you’re gonna go there and overeat on that. It’ll just be a light day. I’m also not eating all the doughnuts, or all the hotdogs or all the pizza. You’re really tasting everything, eating nothing.”

“Tasting everything, eating nothing?” What?! Isn’t that the strategy of the villainous food critic from Ratatouille??

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And she had more advice from there. The Skinnygirl founder went on to say she never eats to the point where she gets “full”:

“I also never binge. I never eat to the point where I’m full. Not never, but sometimes. I do not like the feeling of being full. It’s uncomfortable. So if you never eat until you get full, you’ll be fine. I’m also a slow eater and I chew slowly. I chew my food thoroughly.”

While you should never eat until you’re overfull, which is a terrible feeling, she makes it sound like she’s always hungry! Right? Watch the video (below):


People ask me this every day #thin #naturallythin #dontbinge #chewfoodslowly #sloweater #health

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Naturally, a lot of people had some strong opinions about her secrets to staying thin. While some related to what Bethenny said, many social media users pointed out she was promoting harmful eating habits. See the reactions (below):

“Almond mom 101”

“Come on Bethenny. This is disappointing”

“This is so irresponsible. Why not help people eat more healthy?”

“Girl… giving weirdo diet tips that idolize thinness in 2024 is insane”

“Do you think about the harm this might cause?”

“This is a HORRIBLE influence for younger girls.”

“Girl this method is so unattainable for the average person. Do you realize how many young ears are on this app that are going to hear this and start an eating disorder?”

“Oh my god this is definitely one of worst posts, and that is saying a lot.”

Look, the Real Housewives of New York City alum has a massive following on social media. And it’s important to point out her tips could do a ton of damage to some viewers who may go on to test this out. We can’t help but feel Bethenny should have stuck to the healthier tips. Like eating slowly, that was a good one.

But what do YOU think about the video, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF in the comments below.

[Image via Bethenny Frankel/Instagram]

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