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Blame Scott Storch


As we mentioned yesterday, New York’s CW11 went to Lil’ Kim‘s house to film her car being repossessed.

That must have hurt!

When the repo guy tried to take the silver Bentley, Kim said her accountant would take care of it, but the car was still taken.

Then, when confronted by the reporters and cameras, Kim responded with, “Oh please, get the fuck out of here. You are so fucking ridiculous.”

Guess she had some reasoning there.

Turns out the car they repossessed wasn’t even purchased by Kim.

It was a gift.

Who the hell gives a Bentley as a gift?

Scott Storch does!!!

The car was given to Lil’ Kim about four years ago by the music producer, sources reveal exclusively to

It seems the two had a very “friendly” relationship – much deeper than just a working one.

Poor Storch. The seemingly out-of-work producer is apparently in some financial trouble.

He recently even had his yatch repossessed!

Will someone please get Scott Storch a good accountant that pays his bills on time and makes sure he doesn’t overspend???

Oh, and he’ll take a job too!

[Images via WENN.]

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May 01, 2008 15:46pm PDT

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