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Brad Pitt Pulls A Chris Evans -- Wants Nothing To Do With That Stupid 'Straight Pride' Parade!

Brad Pitt straight pride month

Brad Pitt knows what’s up!
Just as Chris Evans did earlier this week, Pitt has reportedly told off a small group of functionally illiterate Boston men who have been using the Seven actor’s name and likeness to help promote a “Straight Pride” parade in the city.
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As you’ll recall, Marvel star and Boston native Evans publicly denounced the “Straight Pride” with some extremely powerful and incisive tweets, writing to the group at one point (below):

“Wow! Cool initiative, fellas!! Just a thought, instead of ‘Straight Pride’ parade, how about this: The ‘desperately trying to bury our own gay thoughts by being homophobic because no one taught us how to access our emotions as children’ parade? Whatta ya think? Too on the nose??”

Vicious!!! And now, well, Pitt is involved, too.
One of the groups behind the parade, called Super Happy Fun America (yes, that’s apparently their name), has been using Pitt’s name and image while referring to him as the “mascot” for the “straight community,” according to THR.
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The group, who has worked to seek out a permit for its parade to take place in June out of spite for the nationwide Pride Month events at the same time, even went so far as to write on their website (below):

“Congratulations to Mr. Pitt for being the face of this important civil rights movement.”

Pitt apparently wasn’t down for that at all, as a source reported to the outlet that the actor has “made it clear” to the men planning the parade that they must stop using his name and likeness for their purposes immediately, or else face legal consequences.
Obviously, it’s not as popular a call-out as the vocal, viral response that Chris gave a few days back, but it ought to work, nonetheless.

Chris Evans
Chris Evans did not hesitate to GO IN on those ‘Straight Pride’ losers! / (c) WENN

Unfortunately, Pitt’s threats of legal action will likely do nothing to stop the group from marching in the streets, though, as that is their constitutional right.
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Of course, it’s our constitutional right to make fun of their “Straight Pride,” too — or maybe ignoring it would be better? So, let’s not let a small group of trolls take away from all that Pride Month has come to be!
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