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Britney Spears Admits She Cheated On Justin Timberlake, But ONLY...

Britney Spears Admits She Cheated On Justin Timberlake -- But ONLY...

Whoa. Britney Spears has finally — after many years — come clean about cheating on Justin Timberlake. But as we’ve been finding out with a lot of things surrounding her lately, the story is not what it seemed!

According to The US Sun on Wednesday, in the pages of her upcoming memoir The Woman In Me — which some fans in Mexico got their hands on early when it was put up for sale too soon — the Baby One More Time artist confessed to cheating on the *NSYNC star with backup dancer Wade Robson. Well, s**t. It’s true?!

If you don’t know, Wade directed many music videos and world tours for many A-listers, including for both Britney and Justin’s iconic boy band. In more recent years, he’s been among those accusing Michael Jackson of sexual abuse and was involved in the Leaving Neverland documentary. This is who we’re talking about:

The long-standing theory was always that the backup dancer had something to do with this split. And it turns out the rumor mill was right all along! Sort of. See, there’s another MAJOR detail that was misconstrued!

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According to Brit, she cheated on Justin just ONE time during their three-year relationship from 1999 to 2002 — and it wasn’t until after she found out was allegedly sleeping around behind her back! WTF?! On her encounter with the choreographer, she wrote:

“We were out one night and we went to a Spanish bar. We danced and danced. I made out with him that night.”

Just made out, huh? Obvi kissing isn’t as bad as having sex, which the SexyBack star was supposedly doing, but still! It is cheating. And while Britney didn’t name-check a mistress in the book, fans think they’ve got that one figured out, too. Clues point to All Saints singer Nicole Appleton, who Timberlake was seen sneaking around with in 2000. Damn. Interestingly, though, Brit’s infidelity isn’t even what broke them up!

The 41-year-old insisted she was loyal to her boyfriend for years “with that one exception.” She also claims she confessed the act to Justin at the time and they were able to move past it and stay together! Wow! This brings their breakup drama into a whole new light!

For so long now, Britney has been the one accused of infidelity, which seemingly led to the end of their relationship. And she even went out of her way to protect Justin amid these nasty claims! But now we know they both f**ked up in the relationship. And if her cheating scandal wasn’t what split them up…. what was?! Perhaps all the sneaking around and the trauma left behind from their abortion proved too difficult to move past??

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